During 2018, the capture and trial of Igor Frankenstein received wide coverage by many reliable news sources. Igor Frankenstein is 3.2 meters tall, weighs 640 kilograms, and 263 years old. He possesses superhuman strength and intelligence. Unfortunately, he has used all of his abilities in order to inflict unspeakable evil upon humans. He preyed on tourists venturing onto the Permafrost Regions of Baffin Island, Nunavut Province, Canada. At least 99 tourists fell victim to this monster. He broke their bones and left them to linger for days of atrocious suffering. Igor Frankenstein explicitly stated that he has burning hatred for all humans and his goal is to inflict maximum suffering on the Human Race.

Igor Frankenstein is currently one of the few Canadian prisoners serving life sentence without eligibility for parole. He is the only prisoner in Canada who is not allowed to have any contact with other prisoners. Canadian Correctional Authorities understand that he can not be allowed to influence other prisoners. He can pretend to be very nice in order to get their trust and teach them Evil, which is very counterproductive to rehabilitation.

Despite his horrible crimes and absolute lack of remorse, so far the lenient Canadian Penal System has kept him under very humane conditions. He has a seven cell unit located within the perimeter of Millhaven Institution, which is a Maximum Security penitentiary. He has a bedroom, a bathroom, a room with specially ordered exercise equipment fit for his size, dining utilities, a library of paper books in 13 languages, a computer without Internet access, and a vast collection of electronic books and movies. He has a swimming pool with icy water. Igor Frankenstein is guarded and assisted by a staff of 45 people. His food is prepared by three sushi specialists working for him exclusively. He is an exclusive patient of three psychologists and a psychiatrist. His incarceration in luxurious conditions costs Canadian taxpayers $12 Million per year -- mostly in salaries to his guards and care personnel.

As has been expected, a monster has no gratitude. Igor Frankenstein throws tantrums and yells at guards and care personnel. Guards have to wear protective suits all the time. Within the first six months of his incarceration, Igor Frankenstein has launched several hundred lawsuits claiming that the prison conditions violate his rights. Even though sushi is his favorite food since his life on Baffin Island, and the chefs are very educated and diligent, he claims that his food is of insufficient quality. He likes icy drinks. He claims that the guards are violating his Human Rights, since sometimes they give him room temperature drinks. Igor Frankenstein has a long list of demands including a larger swimming pool and more exercise equipment.

In a recent development, Canadian Court of Human Rights declined almost all of Igor Frankenstein's demands. In response, he threw one of his worst tantrums, which was recorded by all journalists covering the case. He yelled unrepeatable obscenities. He made countless threats. Some of Igor Frankenstein's threats are very strange. He said that he will inflict suffering on millions of people, and hundreds of thousands of them will suffer severely. He said that he killed 99 people so far, but now he will kill over a hundred thousand people. Igor Frankenstein also mentioned that even though he will never leave prison, he has Forty Myriad minions possessed by demons from the South who will avenge him.

Most Canadians do not look for any substance in the raving of a mad monster. Igor Frankenstein's vile crimes and arrogance broke the last straw of Canadians' tolerance of the Penal System that coddles criminals. A petition calling for Igor Frankenstein to be placed into a single cell was submitted to Canadian Government. It was signed by millions of angry citizens.

A large crowdfunding organization has been set up to extradite Igor Frankenstein to a Supermax prison in Mississippi. The organization has a lot of funding from at least 400,000 donors. With that many donors and hundreds of millions in funds, the call to place Igor Frankenstein in a US Supermax prison got powerful traction. Most commenters and newscasters support this proposal. The 400,000 donors held vigils for Igor Frankenstein's victims and demanded tougher penalties for the worst monsters in Society.

Every commenter agrees that in his arrogance, Igor Frankenstein has overstepped the tolerance of Society. Every commenter and newscaster hopes that now he will pay the just price for his crimes and arrogance. Some commenters and newscasters point out the irony of the mad monster's threats. Instead of "Forty Myriad minions possessed by demons from the South" which Igor Frankenstein calls to avenge him, there are 400,000 citizens working to bring him to justice. The monster that murdered 99 people is now securely confined and will never cause any harm to anyone.

Everyone to whom I have talked online and offline is hopeful that Igor Frankenstein will suffer decades in a hot cell of an American Supermax. I may be the only person who does not share their excitement. Let me explain.

Of course Igor Frankenstein is an absolutely evil monster, who deserves no sympathy. As angry protesters are saying -- he had no mercy on tourists who suffered days of agony. He is a purely vile creature without any remorse. He uses Canada's humane values for his own evil purpose.

Suppose the 400,000 angry citizens succeed in putting him into an American Supermax prison. This would be the first major victory of forces which want to be tough on crime. The first domino will fall. It would hurt only 45 people -- Igor Frankenstein's guards and care personnel left unemployed.

The second domino would follow the first. Angry taxpayers would demand harsh treatment for all incarcerated killers. According to "Corrections and Conditional Release Statistical Overview 2015", Canada incarcerates 4,540 killers. Even though the killers have committed an evil act, most of them have some goodness and deserve to be treated humanely. Treating them inhumanely would increase their recidivism. If prisoners are put into more congested quarters, the number of people employed by Correctional Services of Canada would have to decrease. Guards left unemployed would also suffer. Unfortunately, too many taxpayers would support such measures. It costs $151,000 per year to incarcerate a maximum security inmate. By putting the killers into more Spartan conditions, the cost can be reduced by $100,000 per year per inmate, or $454 Million total.

The third domino would follow the second. Spartan conditions would be extended to 18,400 Canadian prisoners who are not killers. They would be treated as inhumanely as prisoners in USA. Recidivism would skyrocket. More guards and prison staff will lose their jobs. Unfortunately, many taxpayers would be more then happy not to pay for humane treatment of prisoners.

The forth domino would follow the third. In Canada there are hundreds of thousands of people who have done nothing wrong except being lazy. Laziness is not a crime. So far, all of these people are living comfortable lifestyle. They have Welfare benefits and free medical help. Unfortunately, angry taxpayers do not want to support lazy people. If these people's help is cut to US standards, over $10 Billion per year would be saved. Taxpayers would keep this money. Keeping hundreds of thousands of people without adequate food, shelter, and medical care would cause suffering on huge scale. Unfortunately, too many taxpayers care more about their money then about others' suffering.

The fifth domino would follow the forth. In Canada there are millions of people who are not lazy but genuinely disabled. All of them are provided with adequate housing, shelter, and medical care. Most Canadians would abhor the idea of abandoning disabled people and treating them by US standards. Unfortunately, many rich taxpayers consciously or subconsciously would like to cut their benefits. Upper Middle Class and Upper Class taxpayers would love to see their taxes go from 60% to 40%.

With this in mind, we must take another look at Igor Frankenstein's threats. He promised to inflict suffering on millions of people. His case may be the beginning of an end for Welfare State. Millions of people will suffer as a result. He mentioned that hundreds of thousands of people will suffer severely. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of Canadians dependent on free medical care will suffer if Welfare State ends. He mentioned that over a hundred thousand people will lose their lives. That is a likely result of demise of Welfare State. For instance, lack of free psychiatric and psychological care will cause a drug use epidemic similar to the one in USA.

Igor Frankenstein mentioned that he has 40 myriad minions. Unfortunately, 400,000 of Canada's citizens have donated money to the cause which starts with being tough on one monster and ends with abandoning millions of people who need help. Almost all of them belong to Upper Middle Class and Upper Class. One may believe that these people are not aware of the end game of their plan. More likely then not, these people want to abandon people in need if their taxes fall from 60% to 40% as a result. Igor Frankenstein mentioned that his minions are possessed by the demons from the South. Unfortunately, Canadian taxpayers who want to end the Welfare State are indeed possessed by US values.

If the Great Majority of people in Canada will vote against humane system, then the Will of the Great Majority is the Law. If most people in Canada would like to follow the example of USA, then their will is The Law. We can hope that people of Canada will value the well-being of millions of people in need. Please do not help Igor Frankenstein in his quest to inflict maximum suffering on Humankind!