Hey I want to have a holy war against the mentally challenged, and, satanists that tell them how to sell their souls to the devil so they can hurt people, and, still be accepted into society and, heaven, to their knowledge. This is like mein kampf, yes, this is my struggle, as each time I make a spell, a healing spell, a invisibility spell, a fire ball, they stick their fingers in the mouths and whisper anything to any demon or spirit that will hear them. Naturally, as it is kosher to be good to the helpless, the demons answer - now does Jesus try to remove people's toe nails, yes, that is what I am feeling!

How selfish of me, I think I have a right to defend myself against some fat ugly women in a mall saying I may not look at her bare chest on display! I really want to look at her unsightly chest, yeah!

So, as things are getting messy...

i think a mental attack is in order, something that requires little essence to manifest, yes? No doubt my subconscious will seize it and abuse it, hey? This will be done with using cold to separate the complex designs of their spinal chord, which is actually just like the thinnest muscle of the body, by all standards the most reactive, therefore the easiest to cut through, then we could use cold, as heat bonds, okay?

This can be done by projecting a aura of cold on them, by drawing all your perspiration to your feet, then lowering the temperature, by pushing your heat energy around a blade, projecting it to them, as their brain answers to the sensitivity of the wave, identifying with it, grabbing at it due to recognition. This will be where you imagine a blade of protons, coming together at an angle, like a tiny sliver of it, in your mind, and, cutting through the tiny area between the brain and the chord, ending the life of said enemy of mine, okay?


You can also open a fifteen second window for attacks after your first one, by raising your hand about face, and, pointing up, going clockwise to a few times to dispel all charms from said demons, okay? Then, you while circling, close your eyes and shake your head. This is the way in!

Help me please?