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Let me say a few things about myself so everyone knows my basic position on things.

I was born and raised in Chicago where I currently live. I am 61 years old and have three grown children. I am a citizen of both the U.S (by birthright) and France (by virtue of my marriage).

I have no affiliation with any political party. I am first and foremost a member of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, by Whom all authority on Earth is granted. I support things that various office holders do based on their proper use of that authority while I condemn others based on their misuse of that authority.

As an American, I consider myself a reactionary as I hold the Constitution in high regard and support its full restoration whenever and wherever possible. That often puts me in the camp of what most of you would consider “conservatives” although I do not technically identify as such since I strive to restore rather than conserve. Nonetheless, if - for the sake of convenience - you refer to me as a “conservative” I won’t take particular offense. As a French citizen, I am in principal a monarchist. However, since the royalty rarely take part in the political process, I tend to support movements that seek to protect French culture from the myriad attacks on it from both its own perverse liberal society as well as invading societies.

I have been participating in forums like this since Bill Clinton was disgracing his office and I’ve more or less followed the same community. There are at least two members here that I know and I ask anyone else who recognizes me (I post as Mornac everywhere I go) to please make that known to me. The other place where I currently post has undergone a self-imposed purge since the last presidential election seemingly because the liberal majority there suffered a Trump era traumatic stress meltdown and evaporated from the scene. I keep a presence there (I’m very loyal) but it gets boring since there is no real polemic discussion at this point. That’s pretty much the reason I’m looking into this place.

One last thing: Those who know me, know that I have a policy of answering all questions that are asked of me (with the exception of personal questions which I will only answer if the interlocutor can substantiate the relevance of the answer to the discussion at hand) and I appreciate being shown the same courtesy in return. I look forward to meeting everyone and having some lively discourse.
First off - welcome to the board!

I used to be a regular contributor, but for a number of reasons, I am not here that often, but I like to welcome new members. I think we should have as many new members with as many different views as possible. Like we don't have to agree with those points of view, but speaking for myself, I learn a little from everyone's opinions (provided they give reasons for those opinions).

I better add that I am not an American and that I am still in high school - so I haven't had as much life experience as most people here, but I hope to have some interesting discussions with you (maybe outside party politics). Like yourself, I answer all questions put to me, with the exception of personally identifying information. So welcome again!