So I was playing some Rayman Legends again lately and have gotten re-addicted to the rhythm-based stages and played them in sequence like an album. I find that there is simply nothing more magical than playing a longtime favorite game genre to a rhythm. It's extremely fun the first time and downright relaxing once you know the songs (which, in this game, are cute and fun). It feels like playing a role in an interactive music video, minus the judgment of others.

I enjoy lots of rhythm-based games, especially (like in the rhythm-based dungeon-crawling RPG, Crypt of the NecroDancer, for example) when they're fused with other game genres that I enjoy. However, the music stages in Rayman Legends seem to be unique in this regard: I've not yet seen any other platforming games that include rhythm-based stages or which are rhythm-based more broadly. I'm looking for more! Are you aware of any other platforming games that include rhythm-based play?

Here's a sample rhythm-based stage from Rayman Legends called Grannies World Tour, played as Barbara, to serve as an example of what I'm looking for: