you can see it in thier eyes.jpg
You can see it in their eyes
The loathsome lies
Know them by their deceitful disguise
Wolves in sheepís clothing
White sheets pulled up over their heads to hide their shame
Theirs, thoughts and desires of a despicable divide
Promised, yet unfulfilled dreams
Vultureís racism
Vengefulness they ride
Slinking and stealing unawares
Within the now darkened and dank halls
Once filled with honor and pride
Now with wolves slathering
Followed by flocks of crows gathering
Would from the righteous few
Viciously let and deplete
Truth and justice precious blood
Life essence trickles
Then a flood
Our illustrious eagle
Perched upon a once untouchable aerie on high
Now with wings spread wide
Freedoms banished
All but vanished
It flew
As those tyrannical wolves laughed in hellish delight
And a world burned in fire
Smoldering in brimstone
Upon a fateful satanic filled night
The earth cried
The world moaned
Truth upon crucifixion hill stabbed and stoned
All white sheets and lies
A nation struggles
People cry
Yet on they strive and try
To pull a nation from the redís unholy mess
From the entangled and knotted jumble

This the resistance mission
Nay, quest
Defeat the red
The scourge
The invasive and persistent diseased pest
That POTUS would be
Liars and racist all at their best
They are putting our grand America to the final test
Fighting back
We shall never rest
Until we see each and every red
Skulk back to their stench ingrained holes
Back to their varmint infested lice invaded nests
There to serve out eternity
Fathoms deep within Helaís dank, dark and evil caverns depths
There to dwell within their own personal hell
Leaving alas the marvelous green earth to us
The truthful
The diverse
The inclusive
The blue
Wherein the bluest shall thrive
As red turns to shades of rust
Turning to dust

It plays to the darkness
And not unto the light
It sings to the depths and not to the heights
It stabs to the very heart of fright
Never toward truth and all shinning and bright
It rages at truth
It dismisses all things couth
Ethics sigh
As it lurks within our house painted pristine
A place where decency dwelt
Now taken flight
A stain upon democracy
A blight
Our republic dashed upon the shores of injustice
Yet it is our resistance
As our nation stands out clearer than brightest suns light

Oh beautiful nation
Oh magnificent world
Stand ye strong against the onslaught of tyranny that now besieges you
Gird yourself against dictators who would rape your majestic body
Soil and defile your grand constitutional robes
Be not despaired by rhetoric that cannot harm you
For you are unassailable
Stalwart and true
Steel blue
Be thou always ready to do battle for thy people
For in this we your loving citizens stand strong
That with our nationís strength we shall prevail
We shall overwhelmingly overcome
For we take faith that your laws and statutes shall protect us
That ye shall never be overtaken by any
That our democracy shall and cannot ever be defeated
Though your enemies are hostile to your compassions and truths and they are many
You, our wondrous nation shall always survive and be victorious
Your love and honor, justice, compassion and moral freedom will save and preserve us

The Resistance belief in our nationís greatness cannot and will not be swayed
We the bright and shinning blue warrior may not ever contemplate otherwise
Not in this lifetime or a million, million lifetimes
For we are born free
For we shall always live free

Let freedom reign
From sea to shinning sea
So let it be that they in sheepís clothing
See their fangs ground down
Set adrift
Harmless now
With eyes that can no longer see red
For all are now dead
As the evil is cast upon a vast and beautiful wide blue sea
To sail