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Thread: Mosquitos won the America Revolution

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    Mosquitos won the America Revolution

    A month after the opening salvos of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord in April 1775, the newly appointed commander in chief of the Continental Army, George Wash*ington, had a request for his political masters in the Continental Con*gress. He urged them to buy up as much cinchona bark and quinine powder as possible. Given the dire financial pressures of the squabbling colonial government, and the dearth of pretty much everything needed to fight a war, his total allotment was a paltry 300 pounds. General Washington was a frequent visitor to the quinine chest as he suffered from recurrent bouts (and reinfection) of malaria since first contracting the disease in 1749 at the age of seventeen.

    Luckily for the Americans, the British were also drastically short of Peruvian Spanish-supplied quinine throughout the war. ...

    This engraving of Jan Swammerdam's drawing of his view of a mosquito as seen through his rudimentary microscope was the first close-up of the insect to be published—in Swammerdam's posthumous Bybel der Nature (1737-38; English translation as The Book of Nature, (1758).

    author: Timothy C. Winegard
    title: Mosquito: A Human History of of our Deadliest Predator
    publisher: Dutton a division of Random House
    date: Copyright 2019 by Timothy C. Winegard
    pages: 255-256
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    Evidently, Washington wasn't the only president affected by malaria. One fifth of US Presidents have had it up through JFK, the last one to contract it.

    While most people today associate malaria with developing countries — and indeed, most cases do occur in sub-Saharan Africa — the disease was quite common in the U.S. in the 1800s, as this map shows [Map here.].

    More than one million cases of malaria were reported during the Civil War alone, and the disease affected people in the U.S. up until the early 1950s. In fact, nearly one-fifth of all U.S. presidents (8 out of 45) are known to have had malaria, according to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

    – George Washington first contracted malaria at age 17 in Virginia, and while he did not die from the disease he suffered from recurring bouts throughout his life.

    – Abraham Lincoln also got the disease while growing up in Illinois.

    – James Monroe got malaria when he visited a particularly swampy area of the Mississippi river.

    – Andrew Jackson contracted malaria while on the Seminole military campaigns in Florida.

    – Ulysses S. Grant suffered from frequent bouts of malaria in the late 1850s while living on a farm outside of St. Louis.

    – James A. Garfield acquired malaria at age 16 in Ohio.

    – Theodore Roosevelt came down with malaria after a visit to the Amazon rainforest.

    – John F. Kennedy contracted malaria while in the Solomon Islands during World World II.
    (I had no idea presidents spent so much time in the swamp. ... )
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