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Thread: Patriot and Trump Supporter

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    Quote Originally Posted by jet57 View Post
    So, what makes you more patriotic than me?
    Oh that's easy.....more than one brain cell.

    Heart. Courage. Balls. A Spine.
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    Patriotism 101

    Quote Originally Posted by Ethereal View Post
    The definition of "patriotism" adhered to by certain members basically translates to "loyalty to the government" with the caveat "but only when the government is controlled by my side". Naturally, when the government is controlled by the other side, disloyalty to the government is considered the highest form of patriotism.So now that Trump is the president, Trump supporters expect everyone to be loyal, even though Trump supporters just spent the past eight years trying to tear down the previous president.
    WRONG. And all the people that thanked you for this nugget of nothingness are pretty clueless if they think that's the real definition of patriotism.

    Patriotism is love of country NOT love of government... get it straight. Lets break it down:

    conservatives = American patriots - Christianity -- Trump supporters -- love the nation and respect it's religious roots -- we honor the constitution because we respect human life - obedient and equality for all - peace through strength - courage in defense of freedoms. Reverence for our veterans.

    liberals= treasonous, poisonous traitors -- prefer Islam -- Obama followers -- hate the nation and hate the religious history -- they exploit the constitution because they could care less about the value of human life. Rebellious and view some people groups as less than others - Radicals.

    The people who do in fact love the government are called treacherous recreants and they are overwhelmingly consistent with liberal ideology.
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