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That's profound and astute, cotton.

Maybe you should trade places with her.
Thank you. We have had a very productive relationship. A good therapist typically has a high degree of empathy. A high degree of empathy comes with a dark side too. The following article is from medium.com. I have been reading its many articles since I became interested in the " polymath" project. IMO its elementary and presumptious but it hits square center in the idea " you become who or what you are exposed to". From the therapists side of the desk she is not surrounded by many positive thinkers in her work. She is dealing with some who cannot be fixed. Dealing with an occasional patient who hangs themself ( in these days of the anti gun yap from the media and politicians hanging oneself as opposed to gun meet head has became all the rage with the pc crowd lol). I dont want to begin rambling so for brevity sake ill simply stop rambling. Btw, this brief from medium.com disturbed me because the writer exhibits as a follower instead of a leader. Following a good leader doth not a leader make. It simply makes one a good follower. https://medium.com/the-polymath-proj...h-a2ea32d08c72

The pc crowd hangs out together. To the end, apparently lol