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Thread: Political Philosophies

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    Past political philosophies are often left in the past because they were a failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jet57 View Post
    Happy Sunday.

    Can you elaborate on 'practical philosophy'?

    ...and a happy Sunday to you, jet.
    Sorry for the delay in writing back. I am building a workbench in Shed #1.

    Yes, I can elaborate on Practical Philosophy because it is what I practice daily.

    Let's use internet interactions as an example.

    Practical Philosophy tells us/me to be realistic in my overall attitude.
    Concern myself with things and events that can affect my life directly, and give a polite nod to things and events that do not affect my life directly.

    EXAMPLE 1: My workbench I am building will affect my life directly. If I do not pay attention to detail it will look crappy or worse, I may loose a few fingers or a hand to my table saw. This will affect my life directly, so I need to concern myself with it.

    EXAMPLE 2: The forum here. Though nothing here affects my life directly, I DO give a polite and respectful nod to all I encounter here because it is the right thing to do and the right way to behave. Three members here have attacked me viciously and posted some very vile things about me here, but I knew and know they were wrong, so I merely never respond to anything they say or do ever again. I cussed back, said my peace, and was done with them forever. Their posts, though, vile, were wrong and did not affect my life in any way.

    Contrast that with the new friends I have made here and the respect I hope i have earned from members by being fair with them, yet also having a different point of view. Though it does not affect my life directly, it is still good to know others call me "friend", as I do them, and this is a good thing.

    So, in summary....
    1. Practical Philosophy is knowing what really counts in your life and giving that the priority it deserves,

    2. while at the same time, showing respect and kindness to people you meet on-line and may never meet in real life....but might. Also listen and try and understand where they are coming from. I did this with @Reason10 and we are good after he took the time to explain his posting philosophy to me.

    3. ...and not letting fools trigger your blood pressure as you read their vile posts. That is exactly what they are hoping to achieve. Answer back with accuracy and truth, then erase them from your mind forever. If crap like that is what is in their mind, then it is better to avoid them completely.

    Sorry again for the delay in reply, my friend. The rain here is cramping my style.

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    Forget about the Nazis. Look to much more recent failings to see what may affect the US.
    "Smart people learn from their mistakes. Even smarter people learn from the mistakes of others".
    -Brandon Mull, Fablehaven.

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