Everything is true to those who believe it. We laugh at previous societies whose political leaders became elevated to Godlike status and then create our own. We invade other countries and then surround those who don’t with missile bases in case they might and a growing reliance on social media sites provide opinionated ‘news’, controlled for ‘appropriate content’ by Mr. Zuckerberg, just in case people might start to think for themselves.

A by-product of indoctrination is internalization. This occurs over a period of time when total conditioning turns beliefs into facts. I once had a conversation with a Chinese teacher. I asked him what he was teaching and he said, ‘politic.’ I told him that the word was a plural, ‘politics’, to which he replied, ‘there’s only one politic; communism’. To the indoctrinated, internalized beliefs are never wrong even when they’re proven wrong by facts.

How many were taken in by Obama, hailed as a returning Messiah come to heal America? How many believed that ‘You didn’t build that on your own’ and ‘spread the wealth around’ were Obama’s thoughts and not those taken from the Communist Manifesto?

How many believed Trump when he said trade wars are easy to win and went to economic war against a country in the middle of an industrial revolution, with a GDP of between 6 and 7% and a booming Middle-Class? In January, Mr. Trump signed a trade deal with China ending a tit for tat war of attrition which was obviously going to be the final outcome, except to those who believed the Chinese would surrender as their economy collapsed.

Who also believed the US could conquer Afghanistan? In February Mr. Trump signed a peace deal with the Taliban to start to withdraw troops. You don’t sign peace deals if you’ve won. The beliefs regarding Iran and North Korea also both came to nothing. Meanwhile, on the forum many became economists and armchair generals. They couldn’t quite explain their beliefs of how they were told it would happen, but were sure it would and when it didn’t were unable to learn from the experience even though others had explained it to them.

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What’s the big deal as it only offends a tiny minority. By their very nature political forums will draw in a diverse crowd and so it’s not surprising that the few of those who seem to have the most to say, say the least as a distraction from their own low information. Politicians are sales people by nature and the closer you move towards the extremes, the more antagonistic nonsense you get.