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Thread: Monthly testosterone injection...FBI switching calibers...AGAIN

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    Monthly testosterone injection...FBI switching calibers...AGAIN

    So, if you would like to have some fun, watch the video, or if you are already with the subject matter, then PLEASE...go down and read the remarks in the COMMENTS section.

    They are talking about the FBI switching calibers and going back to the 9mm again.

    OK, fine...but experienced (so they say) commenters say the FBI is not really a gun fighting group to begin with and this is why they took so many causalities in Miami 25 years ago. BTW...that was 25 years ago and they are still using it as justification.

    So, if I remember correctly...

    1. At first they did not carry guns at all until the Kansas City massacre.

    2. Then they carried whatever they could lay their hands on. With the hardened gangsters they were going up against, I don't blame them.

    3. Somewhere along the line they standardized on the .38 Special.

    4. After the Miami massacre they went to a 3 inch barreled .357 Magnum....but I am not sure if it was before or after.

    5. Somewhere they went to the 9mm, but did not like the ammo performance.

    5. Later they went to the 10mm, but all the desk jockies could not handle it so they...

    6. ...went to the 40 S&W.

    7. Now they are back to the 9mm with better performing ammo.

    Most FBI agents are desk jockies and not gun fighters. Their history of gunfights proves this. Now we have all these You Tube videos saying, " See, the FBI picked my favorite caliber, so yours must suck...and you suck too" type videos.

    Let's duke it out manly men on the forum. I will sit back sipping my Sangria, wearing leg warmers, with my fat cat at my feet.

    I have no dog in this fight. I have my 9mm CZ-75B in the man cave and a .45 in the bedroom.
    Forget about the Nazis. Look to much more recent failings to see what may affect the US.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Retirednsmilin308 View Post
    They are talking about the FBI switching calibers and going back to the 9mm again ...

    I have my 9mm CZ-75B ...
    Well, that's nice.

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    Its not the calibre its what you hit, a 50 calibre machine gun round is less effective than a 22 short that hits the target, if you MISS THE TARGET.

    Ammunition has come along long way to making handguns more effective. When I started as a Police Officer we carried 38 special ball ammo, we then moved to 357 which most depts banned after awhile because they were penetrating through doors and autos etc.

    The move to hollow pts was the most dramatic increase in stopping power for police and I remember when they were not allowed to be sold to the public.

    9mm to me is the all around best calibre for home defense, just learn HOW TO USE and care for your weapon no matter what calibre it is.
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    The FBI has already made the change. The study that initiated it was released more than 3 years ago. It boiled down to this... shot placement and bullet design. The FBI found that using modern frangible or hollow point ammunition, there was no significant difference in trauma caused to the body by 4 of the 5 most commonly used defensive calibers. The 5 calibers in question were .38 Special and .357 for revolvers, 9mm, .40S&W, and .45 APC for autos. Of those 5, they found that the .38, the 9mm, the .40, and the .45 all did about the same amount of actual damage to the body. The one significant standout was the .357, which caused quite a bit more trauma.

    With those findings in mind, they looked at the practicality of the different cartridges and they came to the conclusion that the 9mm had certain advantages over the others. Specifically, lower recoil, greater magazine capacity, and lower cost, which allows for more training ammo, which in turn makes better shooters. The lower recoil makes the caliber easier to manage for female and smaller statured agents. The advantages of increased magazine capacity and greater cost efficiency are obvious. As a result, the FBI decided to switch from the .40 to the 9mm and changed their standard issue handgun from the Glock 23 to the Glock 19M.

    I agree with Common that 9mm is probably the most useful general purpose defensive caliber in use today. I personally, carry a .357 Sig (Glock 31, 32), but that is just personal preference, chosen largely because of where I live and how I work. The .357 Sig lets me reach out beyond normal pistol engagement ranges a little easier than a 9mm does. It gives me .357 Magnum performance in an auto cartridge.
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