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Aerial wars by a lot of pilotless billion dollar aircraft? Can you even imagine it, let alone believe it would ever happen?
DARPA should be scaled way, way back, IMHO.
Its the braintrust of all our advanced military technology. Why would you scale it back? All DARPA does is get the eggheads together to decide if an idea is feasable within the realm of physics and available/future technology. If the answer is yes then they send the data to the engineers to develop it.

Stealth, Exoskeletons, Lasers, advanced radars, smart munitions, sub warfare tech, GPS, even civilian applications like the Internet, video conferencing, google maps, cloud computing, and many, many more military and civilian systems and application were either thought up by DARPA or have DARPA's fingerprints all over them, or the USN equivalent of DARPA.

The X-58 Valkyrie is going to be entering production next year. Even without dog fight AI it will be very useful because it can be sent ahead to clear threats and will have the ability to have mission related, interchangeable, packages loaded. When production peaks its expected to cost about 2 m apiece which is a whole lot cheaper then the fighter controlling it.