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Thread: Education For A Republican

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    Quote Originally Posted by midcan5 View Post
    Garbage? Nah, copied and pasted from my PC, Irritus is preparing an addendum after a year of Trump, stand by, you should enjoy it. So much fun. 'Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.' Jean Racine
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    Irritus Update - Confidential Internal Memo

    Irritus wants our benefactors, supporters, and students to know that while we are happy with the tax break for our people and the rollback of restraints on corporate pollution, we are concerned that our president is not an honest person nor very bright. This can be a bad combination in business, but in a position of power dangerous. We realize this contradicts our usual support for dunces in congress like Nunes, Meadows, Gaetz, or Jordon, they are more a deterrent to policies such as social programs, free speech, fair tax policy, or fair wages, but they can only do so much and usually do so little. Our concern with Trump is he seems to know nothing at all and has it in for the DOJ. Law remains and will always remain important for national stability and obviously the support of our people. Idea areas follow and we are always open to input from our benefactors and our graduates.

    Congress: While Louis Gohmert is fun to watch, congress must make some sense and act as a tool to counter a president more concerned with Russia, China and his family's pocketbook. We thank them for their tax benefits for our people, but let's not waste money on a useless wall when a base of our supporters benefit from cheap labor. While rally chants work on the more uneducated American base, we need to be careful immigration policies and social disruption doesn't become a deterrent to our goals. A stable nation even with it wide disparities of wealth and privilege must remain stable.

    Education: Don't get us wrong, we like Betsy DeVos but she needs to stop bringing attention to an educational system that only benefits the well to do, our base. Face it folks only the wealthy can afford college and the intern jobs that follow on their way up the ladder of privilege. We need to make sure Americans aren't aware the system is stacked against them, we must continue to pretend public education is being supported, is open to all and prospering. Warning note: Should 'The View from Flyover Country' be mentioned make sure it is criticized as leftist, socialistic propaganda. Our base reacts well to those words and it help create reality.

    Wealth and Wages: This is a tricky area as the more liberal progressives, our opponents, realize fair wages raise people up and make one of our more racist memes irrelevant. We must be frank here, our dog whistles work, our republican base hears them, while we made Obama an alien and un-American, the stability of his tenure and a do nothing republican congress still supported corporations and the wealthy. Certain areas of America, even areas in which our benefactors live and where our students prosper, are talking increased wages. We must be sure to remind people that our benefactors must be profitable even as they outsource for even greater profits. More to follow in later reports.

    Evangelicals: It is critical Evangelicals remain a part of the support base, their areas of interest are simple: prayer, abortion and religious symbolism rather than any real substantive costly help for children here or in the world. This is fine and as it should be, but lately social warriors, as they are called, call out the actual conditions of the working poor in America. Imagine too for a moment if abortion were banned and all these children were born, who'd take care of them, we'd return to Dickens' world of Tiny Tim only he'd be everywhere. Balance is required folks and if we get too many judges like Gorsuch we could have chaos. Balanced stability keeps problems under the covers. And please no mention that televangelists are really only interested in large palaces and jet planes.

    Healthcare: A troublesome area for our wealthy corporate entities, Trump promised great healthcare but of course like much he says it was just words. If ever challenged he'll blame democrats or congress or even Senator McCain. While the ACA had it problems it did not hurt the profit margin or establish socialized medicine so please stay clear of ridiculous claims. Our people know healthcare is expensive but they can afford it, the lower class voting base are the workers and supporters of wealth so corporations must act like they care and provide some health support even while mostly supporting bottom line profit. Calling healthcare socialized medicine still works its magic.

    Guns: If everyone is afraid we all lose, please stop saying guns keep us safe they don't, but they do create profits for our supporters and benefactors. Remember very often it is important to act concerned with all the gun deaths while doing nothing. This has worked for many years now and continues to work. Act upset, say you'll pray for the dead and mention mental health, these are the key responses. Someone said we should have memorial day for all our gun deaths, we need to steer clear of such rhetoric. Just say freedom, 2ND amendment rights, and our base follows, keep it simple.

    Kneeling NFL: While we are uncertain on how to approach this issue, imagine if racism didn't exist and free speech were honest speech, what tools would our people have for managing the base, keeping them occupied with irrelevant topics like Obama's birth place or Hillary's email. If we truly honored free speech we would honor the players who kneel for social justice, our thought creators in so called think tanks will continue to provide cover and create complex pseudo intelligible papers to muddy the water. Next season will be challenging. And remember Irritus support comes from sport's profits too.

    Tips for keeping the base occupied and distracted: Simply mention Hilliary, Obama, BLM, Nancy, Pocahontas, socialism, welfare, inner cities, California immigrants, or the wall. Mention a new investigation whether true or not, Trump followers are trained to respond to words like investigation and fake media. Fox and Friends will continue to distract our base with anguished looks and irrelevant dialogue, they are a real blessing.

    New study areas being investigated:

    Imagine for a moment if Obama wasn't black or Hillary, a woman demonized for twenty years was talked about honestly. This area of study and other more complex topic areas will be open to graduate students only. Dinesh D'Souza will be a guest speaker and will discuss breaking the law while appearing to be a guardian of truth. Since this is a complex area, information will be strictly limited.

    Final thought:

    Pres Trump will continue photo ops, bizarre rallies of fawning cheerleaders, policies that support him and family, and other baloney to keep his personal base occupied, but we must ask is his base our base? Irritus fears his bizarre tweets and constant lying might eventually work against our goals of keeping America stable and supporting our benefactors and education. How can one educate when nothing is true and even white supremacists and alt-right conspiracy fanatics are treated as normal? This will remain a troubling area of concern, wise input appreciated, and thanks as always for your continuing support. Irritus people keep the faith.
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