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Thread: North Korean soldier walks across DMZ in bid to defect to South

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    Today it was reported North Korea Removes All Border Guards after Failing to Prevent Soldier's Defection

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    North Korea defector: Children ate lice to stay full...
    North Korea defector: Children ate lice to stay full
    Nov. 22, 2017 -- North Korean defectors who have begun to provide testimonies to the South Korean government say it was not uncommon for orphaned children to subsist on corn extracted from cow dung, or lice, during the years of the Great Famine.
    Defector Lee Wi-ryeok told Daily NK on Wednesday he survived his childhood in a North Korean orphanage during the late '90s, but the memory of his experience haunts him to this day. Lee did not identify the orphanage where he lived until he was a teenager, but said diseases like tuberculosis were deadly because there was no cure. "After I came to South Korea, I was amazed to learn tuberculosis is a disease that can be treated," Lee said. Food was scarce in the country, but in orphanages, the conditions were even direr than in the rest of the country, Lee said. "If a cow excreted kernels of corn in the form of diarrhea, we would rinse them out and eat those," Lee said.

    The village of Kaepung, North Korea is seen across the Imjin river and Han river confluence point in Paju, South Korea

    The defector also said children at the orphanage would eat lice to stay full. "When you bite into lice they would burst with blood," Lee said, adding children would eat lice because they contained their blood, and they thought it would "be a waste" not to consume the parasite. Lee said North Korean orphanage administrators would build a bonfire on the grounds to disinfect children from mites. The administrators would "beat the children with a stick" if the children tried to escape the encircling bonfire. The victims would often suffer from painful burns, Lee said.

    North Korean children in orphanages survived the Great Famine of the 1990s by subsisting on lice

    North Korea is a signatory to the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child since 1990. The Kim Jong Un regime has repeatedly denied human rights abuses, and has instead blamed countries like the United States for tensions. Radio Free Asia reported Tuesday North Korean authorities in the country have been preparing underground facilities for the country's postal service in preparation for potential war. RFA's North Korea sources said the maneuver is irritating locals because authorities are trying to create extra tension and mobilize people to donate funds for the cause.
    See also:

    South Korea to work on humanitarian aid to North
    Nov. 22, 2017 -- South Korea is in discussions with the United Nations' World Food Program to cooperate on humanitarian aid to North Korea.
    World Food Program executive director David Beasley met with Seoul's unification minister Cho Myoung-gyun in Seoul to address some of the issues faced by ordinary North Koreans, South Korean news service Newsis reported Wednesday. The 45-minute discussion included an exchange of views on malnutrition in North Korea, vulnerable segments of the North Korean population and projects Seoul and the U.N. agency could work on in order to find solutions, according to the report.

    Seoul announced a plan on Sept. 21 to provide $4.5 million in support to the World Food Program, and its project in North Korea that aims to deliver nutrition-enhanced foods to children and pregnant North Korean women. South Korea's unification ministry said the two sides agreed to "cooperate closely" on humanitarian aid.

    Former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who also met with WFP officials on Wednesday, said the time was right for South Korea to do more to help other countries alleviate hunger, Yonhap reported. Ban, who considered running for president in early 2017, said South Korea was the recipient of "grain, food, textbooks and toys" from U.N. agencies more than five decades ago. South Korea "became a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development after breaking out of extreme poverty," Ban said.

    Remarkable contrasts remain between the impoverished North and the wealthy South. North Korea's GDP per capita for 2015 was estimated to be $1,013, while in South Korea that number was estimated to be $27,195. In May, the Food and Agricultural Organization said 10 million North Koreans are facing food shortages.

    Report: North Korea swapping out soldiers at DMZ
    Nov. 23, 2017 -- North Korea is replacing military personnel at the demilitarized zone, following the defection of a soldier and a shooting incident that left the soldier wounded.
    A South Korean government source told Yonhap on Thursday the escape has had serious consequences for North Koreans at the Joint Security Area, or JSA, where guards of the two Koreas stare each other down every day. "After the North Korean soldier defected through Panmunjom, we have identified signs North Korea has replaced all JSA guards," Yonhap's source said. "It appears even the higher levels of command could not avoid rebuke." North Korea is estimated to retain between 35 and 40 guards in the JSA, according to the report.

    North Korea has replaced all guards at the Joint Security Area of Panmunjom between North and South Korea, according to a South Korean press report.

    North Korean guards, who targeted the escaping soldier with the surname Oh, fired 40 rounds of ammunition, wounding the defector who is currently convalescing at a South Korean hospital. One armed North Korean soldier was caught on surveillance video momentarily crossing the military demarcation line at the JSA, before hastily retreating back to the North's side. Yonhap also reported North Korea has closed the Bridge of No Return, otherwise known as the 72-hour bridge. Oh drove over the span in a military jeep to make his escape.

    North Korea once claimed the bridge was constructed in 2 hours, following the axe incident at Panmunjom in 1976, when North Korean soldiers attacked U.S. military personnel cutting down a tree in the demilitarized zone. Pyongyang has refrained from provocations for more than two months, but the regime could conduct a nuclear test, or launch its next ballistic missile, by the end of the year or early 2018, Japan's Sankei Shimbun reported Thursday. Kim Min-seok, a former South Korean defense ministry spokesman, told the Sankei North Korea may have stayed quiet in order to focus on nuclear warhead production. Yu Koizumi, a research fellow at Japan's Institute for Future Engineering, said North Korea could test the Pukguksong missile soon, according to the report.

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    There will probably be a lot of executions for this. Maybe someone with a weapon can get close enough to the fat young Un to take him out.

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