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You don't lay off people if you have work and can make money. Many businesses are going to have to come up with large percentage increases in payrolls overnight as a result of ObamaCare, in an economy that will not allow them to raise prices to compensate. So they are going to lay off people and/or eliminate full time employment. It is either that or close the doors.

This is just the beginning, Polly. You "new demographic" types, like the street mobs of Rome, think you've won because you think that all you needed to do was to "elect" the demagogues and liars who lead you and they will somehow magically produce wealth and prosperity for you. Problem is, the people who actually produce that wealth have the option to not do so. You all haven't a clue how to produce wealth, just to spend the wealth of others.

It is going to be fun to watch you all try and "win" the economy with people getting checks, people getting paid by government for playing on message boards all day, etc.


As much as the left want's to make a political issue out of it, it's nothing but an economic survival move.