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Thread: Threatened & Endangered Species

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    ~Animals Have First Rights of Creation~

    God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void and darkness on the face of the deep...

    Thoughts of a still inner voice and then the LORD said "I came to give light as a giver of life as to also strive for peace...

    So that the souls of men and women may turn back to their relative innocence as when they were children feed my sheep"

    And so in the beginning God called the Day Light and Darkness the Night and so set a Candle Light out with incense to keep >

    The way of life flaming swords of the cherubim demonstrate the power of the LORD when fires come to keep the law as the mountains sleep

    So as to when man transgresses the law of the Spirit of the wren where he in the beginning was placed in the garden to tend to it as the keeper’s

    Of the light are to be faithful at all times to the just goodness of the LORD of which his earth creation man and woman and child where teachers

    Would remind them of the way of life which is to not touch of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but to only partake of the variety of every tree

    And so while man did sleep he was granted his every wish and that is to live in a paradise called Eden of which the only way to keep it was to never reach

    For that which was of both good and evil for in that day one ever touched of it they would also surely die which in fact means mind body soul what one sees

    God created all things in the numbers of days set and forever are all things set in heaven and in earth as was done by his hands and to never ever suffer it to deceit

    That sand became land for each pebble is a rock and only upon this foundation may one build as to not incur the wrath of the winds and the rains as in self-defeat

    That was given to man to partake of was the food of the manna that came down from out of heaven the simple reading of scripture and prayer on his face and on his knees

    That if two or three be gathered in his name let them ask the LORD of things not asking as in amiss but as faithful to the things the LORD said in the beginning to hold as truths

    That all men were created equal and each to the ability they are given to praise the LORD in the brightness of his every test to depict who shall stand with him faithful and truthful

    In the days to come which are forever if they be the will of one then the will of all but only by the Spirit which proceeds out of his mouth for all fornicators and adulterers and deceitful

    Shall not enter into the gates of paradise nor see heaven at all but hell is for them to be bound in chains forever and forever over the flames of fire and ice water drawn down for no cup of water

    On the tongue of an unbeliever would help them if a naysayer in the beginning and a naysayer all the way to the end a naysayer then is now one if they given the chance do not find one bird’s feather

    Is worth more than every lie which proceeds out of the two-forked tongues of man manna-less weightless with no place save to blasphemy the very reason life was created that is even the LORD never

    Willed that man woman or child would destroy the life of one of his little lambs in the animal kingdom nor kill one single beast for feelings they have to nourish to keep the way of life man first a transgressor

    And then animals partook of the sin of man after his transgression and all of the creation was under assault and so the wind and the rains came and the ocean deep opened as to receive every weep of God’s tears

    That inside Genesis chapter one is that every green plant was given for food for man and the animals have first rights of creation and that man was molded and placed in the Garden of Eden Genesis second chapter

    That four rivers divided from one became Pishon and Gihon the Tigres and the Euphrates and man was placed in the garden to till the land and to keep it and to not to partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil ever

    That man was made a little lower than the angels and animals above them as in the heavens and the earth and separated the light from the darkness and created the waters the Seas the land the plants seeds and the foresters

    To love the LORD’S creation God all and to cleave to his wife and his children and that they be taught to bind the LORD’S ways on the breastplate of the stones of the ark of the covenant that G~d gave forever animals first rights

    Of creation as friends to man who is to tend the garden and to keep it always and not transgress G~d’s way but love it and abide in all his ways whether it be day or night to worship the LORD thy G~d animals first creation Knights

    Because as when Adam was planted his feet into the garden he saw all of his animal friends come to meet him and he gave all of them personal as well as special names and by God we are to worship into the morning from the night

    Animals Have First Rights of Creation as they are also protected by the Holy Bible that first describes how the animals came about when the Egyptian Gods called angels and helped God later make man in his own image and likeness

    So, where is mankind, but full of evil, envy, and strife, constant warfare against another, that God became a real man and died on the cross , as he overturned the tables of the money changers, that animals know these same rites ***/\/\/\

    OUTLAW ALL KILL SHELTERS, CREATE SANCTUARIES! Wild Horses hunted, hurt, imprisoned:

    All-vegetarian, all-vegan farms, via the 5th Amendment: Genesis 1, Leviticus 24:18- 21, Psalm 50, Isaiah 1, Isaiah 66:3

    "The Gospel of the Holy Twelve": &

    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated."~ Mahatma Ghandi

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    Most sea turtles are being born female due to stress of climate change...

    Climate Change Affecting Gender of Endangered Green Sea Turtles
    January 13, 2018 — Researchers say climate change is responsible for the vast majority of green sea turtles in the northern Great Barrier Reef off Australia being female.
    Scientists from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say the temperature at which turtle eggs incubate determines the sex of hatchlings, and warn that warmer conditions are creating a dangerous gender imbalance. Almost the entire green turtle population in parts of the northern Great Barrier Reef in Australia is now female. A study of about 200,000 animals in the reef’s northern waters found them to be overwhelmingly female. The research was published in the journal Current Biology. There are concerns that the future of the endangered reptile is increasingly precarious.

    A rehabilitated green sea turtle comes up for air during a health check at Oceanworld Manly in Sydney, Australia

    In the southern Barrier Reef, where conditions are cooler, about two-thirds are female. Researchers say that while they hope for some milder years to produce more males, they expect temperatures to continue to rise. One possible solution to the gender imbalance is to put up tents over beaches where turtles nest to give them shade. Colin Limpus, Queensland chief scientist, says that cloud seeding is another option. “There is consideration being given to having artificial rain. It is being considered primarily for how we can get the turtles nesting successfully; at the same time it is going to cool the sand and should shift the sex ratio towards an increase in males,” Limpus said.

    The green turtle is one of the largest sea turtles and the only herbivore among the different species. They are named for the greenish color of their cartilage and fat, not their shells. They are classified as endangered, and are threatened by habitat loss, over-harvesting of their eggs, and the hunting of adults. The Great Barrier Reef stretches for 2,300 kilometers down Australia’s northeast coast. It is home to a spectacular range of wildlife, including more than 130 species of sharks, 500 types of worms and 1,600 varieties of fish. The reef faces a range of threats from the run-off of pesticides and soil from farms, and warmer ocean temperatures that have caused the mass bleaching of the coral in the past two years.

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