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Yeah, sorry - I wasn't on today for most of the afternoon. At my dads watching the game with him.

That TD from Wallace was absolutely $#@!ing amazing. Highlight reel material, I thought for sure the angle of the descending defenders would cut him short but he just turned it up and blew by everyone.

Sanders had a couple of nice returns also, but he crapped out short of the goal with basically just the kicker to beat who seemingly just waved at him and he went down. That was the putrid awful fake FG thing - what a disaster. Mike Tomlin is a $#@!ing idiot, kick the $#@!ing FG, tie the game, play D (which was playing stellar all day), get the ball back and drive it in next time. Or just line up and get that extra foot, get the $#@! away from me with this silly fake FG $#@!. Bush league.

The officiating was awful, I almost walked out of watching the game. So they call helmet-to-helmet on Clark where his helmet wasn't even within two helmet lengths of the receiver. $#@!ing bull$#@! - proof that $#@!stick Goodell hates the Steelers, the refs are quick to make this obvious non call but when Wallace gets a direct spear helmet to helmet, they drop a flag - then pick it up.

And that "fumble" from Ben? Unfuckingbelievable. The NFL must have phoned into Cowher to say something in defense of that call during halftime.

This is Goodell's new NFL. Might as well play flag football.
yeah, a couple of those calls were close and they hurt the Steelers badly. One was for 41 yards. That was HUGE. Agreed on the fake FG. Idiotic. That decision cost them the game.