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"Trump is no liberal. That's a myth propagated by putin and his right wing surrogates."

Donald Trump is a lifelong Democrat. Just yesterday I talked with a fool who said he considers Democrats right of center. And, I disagree that Nationalism versus Globalism is relevant. Paying your damn bills and being responsible is still the issue.

I am quite happy with much that Donald Trump has done in his short time in office an dput that down to having some better advisers than he did on Trump University. I think the impact he has already had on our foreign policy, after eight years of no foreign policy beyond supporting anyone who hates America, is outstanding. But, he's no more a perfect human being than is Obama.

I am most impressed with the First Lady Donald Trump brought with him. A definite improvement over Obama and Clinton. Seriously, she seems like an intelligent, reasonable, classy lady who might be, in the ways that count, a conservative.

Bethere and Peter1469. Strange bedfellows indeed. What common theme brought them together.

You need to pay attention to what is going on in the world. Look at what major elections are turning on.