As Obama played peek-a-boo with accusations of racism, the media searched for the evidence. Unable to find anything, they flung accusations anyway. Suddenly everything was racist. The word "the" was racist.

A partial list of the many, many words or actions proving a racist heart in the era of Obama are:

* stating the obvious fact that Obama was helped by his race;

* running a campaign commercial against Obama;

* mentioning that Obama's friend is Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist;

* not electing Obama president;

* Scott Brown's pickup truck;

* opposing Obamacare;

* opposing Obama's stimulus bill;

* opposing Obama's jobs bill;

* joining the Tea Party;

* using Obama's middle name;

* demanding to see Obama's birth certificate;

* arresting a black Harvard professor;

* being a Republican;

* supporting gun rights;

* requesting documents from Attorney General Eric Holder in the administration's Mexican gun-dumping scandal;

* voter identification laws;

* references to Obama playing basketball;

* using the phrase "kitchen cabinet" in relation to a black person.

* the word "the."

* The word "the" made the racist hit parade when Donald Trump said he had a "great relationship with 'the' blacks."

Book "Mugged" by Ann Coulter...pgs 237-238