Rep. Pelosi said that even if no one wanted Obamacare they would have passed it anyway and she's apparently taking that same position on election fraud. Even though Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of honest elections the liberals will fight that tooth and nail. I realize liberals are adamantly opposed to voters identifying themselves beyond simply stating, "I am Luke Skywalker." I also understand that purging dead people from the voter rolls is adamantly opposed by the liberals.

So, what can we do? Can we require precincts to count the number of people voting--they do all sign in--and the number of ballots cast? That would mean the practice of giving some voters two or three ballots or simply stuffing the ballot boxes--physically or electronically--would be a little more difficult.

Could we have a national death certificate registry that is available to all states? It could also be available to federal operations that shovel out money. I would think it would benefit SS, Medicare, Food stamp administration, SSI, and the plethora of other "entitlements" to know when someone dies. Now, I'm not saying states should be allowed to purge dead people from the voters roles. Lord, no. But, at least have an idea of how many dead people are there.

Of course, there are more, lots more, but let's start with these. Would liberals agree to these two?