In addition to cancelling cable TV subscriptions to rob the MSM of revenue…

Form alterative broadcast media

“The only way to beat the media is to replace the media…”

“…if you change hearts and minds in the country as a whole, the swing states will follow.”

Taxcutter says:
Makes sense. The easiest way to provide altrernative broadcast media is to buy up a financially distressed network. Shouldn’t be that hard. All but Fox are losing money.

CNN would be my target. They are the financial weak sister of the bunch and they already have reporters. Buy it up and fire the editorial staff and control the bias of that channel.

CNN would be impact ted if the cable TV market contracted by 10%.

This woman calls for a more grassroots approach.

This dovetails with buying out CNN. Infiltrate all the others from the bottom. Its how enviro-wackos took over the bureaucracy.