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Here's the good side: It will take that kind of harsh lesson to wise up a lot of folks and electing Romney would have simply delayed, not avoided that lesson. Romney was a big government guy too and on top of that, a foreign military misadventurist.

What the Republicans need to be saying over and over, while giving Obama and the left anything they want in the way of taxes, is that we aren't going to stand in the way of this lesson and when it is learned, we'll be here to clean up the mess. But it really is time to give them what they think they voted for. All of it.
I totally 100% agree.

We are collapsing anyways. Might as well give them the keys to the car and let them drive us all off the cliff that is inevitable anyways.

Hard times lie ahead. The "progressive" voter will be hardest hit b/c they will finally take their own beer googles off and see what they have brought forth.

Of course, they will still blame us for it all, but that is what teenagers do, they blame everyone and everything else for their lot in life.