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It's not racist. It's the law and it should be applied equally. If laws exist they should be enforced. If the law isn't right, change the law. I know you see it the same way...so much of this is common sense to most Americans, but put it in the government's hands and it gets twisted.
it should be but it isn't. The left had to have that hate crime legislation. They were convinced that if that legislation passed they could round up right wingers. Didn't work out like that. There are lefties...for want of a better term for those who are a protected class under democrat wings, minorities, blacks, homosexuals, that are committing these crime. They are the ones...and what does the typical democrat local official do? They say, 'we don't know why they did this' or 'this is not a hate crime' when it most definitely IS a hate crime. We see this all over the place. ONCe in a great while, the perp is prosecuted but most of them are not prosecuted using the legislation that the left wing was dead set for.