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Only after the late 60's Monza line.

The problem with the Corvair was that it was initially designed as a scaled down Corvette. Along the way, though, Chevy discovered that there was a huge growing segment of the population ready to buy their fist new car. Ford entered the market with hugely successful Falcon, which a few years later become the sports/hybrid originally intended as the Covair Monza.

Because they had to rush the car into production, the first two years of the Corvair were lemons....

But the 1969 Monza convertable..? Now there was a sports car.
The very first car that was all my own, bought as a gift to myself when I first joined the USAF, finished my technical training, and got to my first assignment (San Antonio TX) was a brand new gold-orange 1974 Opel Manta. I had to learn to drive a stick in order to even be able to drive it, but I adored that car. It looked just like this (without the flamethrower, lol)