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Thread: You get what you vote for

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    You get what you vote for

    When you vote, you donít vote for the society you want, you vote for the type of society someone is offering you. If you want to vote for someone who is going to Ďfundamentally change Americaí, you first need to ask yourself, to what? To this?

    Are you wondering where all the violence is coming from? With the legalised drugs, entitlement welfare and identity politics, also come BLM, Antifa and the social chaos, because thatís what these people are about. You canít later say, ĎI didnít vote for thatí; yes, you did, itís part of the package, the same as the huge increase in crime, rapes and bombings are part of the open borders, one world society, in Europe. You get what you vote for and whatís occurring now in America with the shootings and in Europe with the Muslim atrocities wasnít happening even twenty years ago on even remotely the scale it is now.

    These things donít just happen by accident. Obama might have gone, but his decade long legacy lives on in the tens of millions of government dependent, the declining middle class, the violence and the huge poverty rates.

    Before you get this, you first have to vote for this.

    It hasnít happened ... yet, but on the back of all this is the kind of benevolent dictatorship the European Union has become. Not the freedom you expected? In a population that will eventually vote to disarm, this is what it looks like.


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