Hebrews chapter 7, the Melchizedek order of the LORD Yeshua Christ is described there,

And so the Vatican does say such and such, but if it is detrimental to Europe is the Bear,

White Russia, Vladimir Putin, the King of Jordan, there is no two-state solution, for tares,

The wheat is that the truth has been hidden because of what man wants he for bestows,

The laws of /\b R/\ Ham that the Lord Christ did say he was "the I AM THAT I AM" shows,

Right inside the same Bible that all know to be the truth as far as how far it gets to snow,

The LORD God gave up his life to curse the same ground that man says of it he as 'owns',

The Egyptians built those edifices as high and as large as they could build them to the ends,

Of the world, they were commanded to go to send the same Gospel that says the animals.