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I'm of the belief that favoring a different socio-economic system doesn't morally oblige one to uproot and move away from one's friends and family and established career, etc., but rather to do what one can to bring about the kind of changes that one wishes to see where they are.
Then you want something impossible. How would you make it work? Everything you are saying goes against the grain of who we are. A society like this has to start at the bottom. You can't change what is already there.

Why would the well-off be interested in giving up anything? That's enough to destroy the idea right there. You would certainly have to start from nothing or the bottom and go up.Human nature won't allow the top to give take less or do more or allow more.

The commune idea is workable since it starts as nothing and goes from there. I don't think communes are successful very often or for very long. Human nature doesn't support the idea.