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Monroe did not dare them to do anything. He did not even say he would stop Europeans from developing new colonies. He merely said the US would treat such colonies as unfriendly acts.

But even if you can point out particular instances where the founders deviated from neutrality, it does not change the fact that their overall policy framework was based on the concept of armed neutrality. Sometimes leaders deviate from a principle for pragmatic reasons, but that does not mean they have abandoned the principle itself. On the whole, US foreign policy was one of neutrality in the beginning of the republic. Indeed, the founders saw neutrality in foreign affairs as necessary to the maintenance of the republic.
Did you see the maps of our "decentralized and spontaneous" expansion between 1805 and the Civil War...Ethereal?

Does the second map, Ethereal, look spontaneous or systematic to you?

Second map look decentralized.....or does it look purposeful and with intent....like the US government is dictating it?

For the love of God