In recent weeks there has been some discussion on the topic of Involuntary Celibacy. I do not want to discuss the issue in this MicroEssay. Sadly, yet predictably, anyone who talks or writes about any discrimination faced by men is now tarred by association to the InCel subculture. Finding a romantic partner and building a relationship is a very difficult task which many men and some women are not even attempting.

Finding a company of friends who share the same political/social views or interests should have been easy. Given the availability of unlimited long distance communication via telephone, Skype, and Google Hangouts, no one should be lonely in the Age of Social Media. Unfortunately, loneliness is still a social problem -- perhaps more then ever before. provides a meeting place for people by their interest. Unfortunately, in modern Western nations, some political views are considered heretical. For example, anyone who mentions gender issues affecting men is accused of misogyny and persecuted. Likewise, many people who hold Strong Conservative viewpoints are similarly subject to persecution. Another issue which makes meeting friends difficult is transportation. Many people, particularly the elderly and disabled have neither driver's licence nor access to public transportation within walking distance.

Someone who develops a new Social Media which would function as Meetup in Virtual Space would likely become a hectomillionaire. Given average upload and download speeds, the art of Video Conferencing has been mastered for over a decade. Building a Social Media platform composed of virtual meetup groups should be feasible.

Finding telephone friends online has many unexpected difficulties. First, many people would like to keep their anonymity -- thus anyone who shares his/her information can be easily doxxed. Second, any Internet acquaintance is a potential stalker. Third, there are no sites dedicated to finding telephone friends. There are countless sites dedicated to finding online romantic partners, but not friends.