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You err.

If soldiers observed civilians killed without reason let them report the murders.

It is rather difficult to fight a war without casualties.

When peaceful means fail nation-states resolve their differences using force against one another. Once wars begin the peaceful means have already failed.

I will not pretend to understand why such a simple concept is lost on you. Whether you like it or not it is the way the world works.

I suppose you mean that altering or abolishing the government could be a bad thing. But it would be a far worse thing to allow a tyrannical government to continue unchallenged.

This bit of goofiness makes me smile.

LOL. I love this nonsense.

I said I did the things that made me worth more. You did the things that made you worth less. I do not recall mentioning better. We each choose for ourselves.

BS Alert!
You err, you lie, you are the real kook!