Who didn't see this coming?

What an amateur show.
Virtually every step of the way, from the moment when Donald Trump surprised even his own staff by announcing a summit with North Korea, it was obvious, I mean achingly obvious, that the president had no idea what he was doing. You hear that laughter? It’s the world, and they’re not laughing at Princess Beatrice’s hat.
Let’s retrace. It’s the evening of Thursday, March 8—an otherwise normal day in Trumpland, in what has become of the United States. The administration was scrambling to stave off a ballooning crisis that it created by announcing steel and aluminum tariffs with nearly zero forethought and actual preparation. They’d caught most people totally off guard, including a good number of Republicans who were saying, “Hey, wait a minute here, are we sure this is a good thing?”
On that day, The New York Times reported: “More than 100 Republican lawmakers implored President Trump to drop his plans for stiff and sweeping steel and aluminum tariffs as the White House prepared to formalize the measures on Thursday afternoon.” That’s when the administration started to backtrack and say, well, maybe we can find a way to carve out some exemptions for certain countries after all.
That was crisis one that day (that day!!). Crisis two was arguably even bigger.

Is it possible that Trump was watching cable news and freaking out about the negative coverage on the tariffs and especially on Stormy? It certainly seems likely. Imagine him thinking: I need a change of subject here fast! So he stuns his own advisers who were in the Oval Office with the South Korean representative—McMaster, Mattis, and Kelly—by accepting on the spur of the moment this offer from Mr. Chung, the South Korean, for a summit.

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