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    Quote Originally Posted by Standing Wolf View Post
    You know who the left-leaning Moderators and Advisors are. Do any of them ever - let alone routinely - label the Republican Party or conservatives "enemies of the state" or traitors to the nation, or suggest that they be rounded up and banished or executed? That type of hyperbolic hors*$#@! is posted on this forum on a daily basis by self-identified "conservatives" - some of whom, at least three that I can think of offhand, are alleged to be in leadership positions on the forum. Again, do any "liberal" Mods or Advisors post anything even remotely like that about Republicans or conservatives? Point one out - then you can say that my criticism is "one-sided".

    The two liberal-leaning members who occasionally get somewhat carried away, in my opinion, are - and unlike yourself, I'm not afraid, for whatever reason, to say their names - Dr. Strangelove and Safety. And yet in their wildest, most over-the-top posts they usually somehow manage to control what might be their tendency to overstate the problems they see with Republicans and the self-identified conservatives and don't condemn them all outright as soulless villains, traitors and deviants. You might also note that neither of those individuals is either a Moderator or an Advisor.

    If a member wants to make him- or herself appear foolish or even idiotic by adopting and promoting a cartoon view of U.S. politics or the social issues that are discussed here, that's on them. Every discussion forum has its wingnuts. I only really have a problem when one or more of the members with such an extreme fringe and condemnatory viewpoint have somehow managed to attain a leadership role on the forum - a role that should entail, more than just about anything, the promotion of intelligent, civil discussion. If you feel compelled to walk around setting fires and tossing gasoline on them, that's one thing; it's another to do it while ostensibly working as a firefighter.

    What you're doing now is avoiding the issue I've raised - immature, inappropriate and fringe nutcase posts by some Mods and Advisors - by conflating it with people who "complain about EVERYTHING" and people getting their feelings hurt, and etc. (Or as you put it, "blahblahblah".) If you're trying to imply that I'm one of those people, you're wrong. I probably Report a post once every couple of weeks, if that, and it's almost always when somebody posts a blatant personal insult directed at someone else - not me - or, as you might imagine, when a Moderator or Advisor posts something that no one in a leadership position of anything ought to be typing - not even on an anonymous message board.

    I believe I asked this earlier, but I don't think anyone responded. Is there a written rule against posting something like "That was an inappropriate comment for a Mod/Advisor to make"? Sometimes bringing these things up in a public way is, as tPF history has proven, the only way to get them resolved and make the board a better place.
    I do not have the luxury of naming names, but you named two of the most mild and MISSED a whole bunch of the really bad ones.

    Ive watched you like troll threads about trump and republicans that are worse than anything I post, and im going to tell you this flat out.

    I will not change how I post for you or anyone else, I post within the rules and be damned if you like it or not.

    My petty peeves are sanctuary cities and they are all democrat all the time, releasing criminals murderers and pedophilles into socieity thats all democrat all the time, hiding criminals from ice so we get the privledge of supporthing them while democrat hide them from being deported, thats all democrats all the time.

    The endless bull$#@! investigations and made up news stories about trump. Thats all facts Yo thats all national news.

    Ive told you a half a dozen times at least, my angst is not directed at any forum members its democrat Politicians.

    Now lets get to the meat and Potatos you nor any other liberal on this forum every condemn illegal immigration, you never condemn the release of criminals KNOWN criminals back into our society, if you dont condemn it, you condone it. If you vote for the democrats that are perpetrating this destruction of american then you condone it and Im going to post it.

    Truth be told you dont like what I post and you know you nor no other liberal on the main forum can cow me with their BS, I deal in facts and when im proven wrong ill admit it. Truth be told you cant prove most of my threads wrong because they are NOT.

    I post more or as many threads not about Politics, someone has to keep the forum moving because you dont and most others that just like to zoom in with laugh emoticons and offer nothing dont.

    This is a POLITICAL FORUM no where does it say theres a rule that says

    STANDING WOLF MUST APPROVE OF AND LIKE WHAT YOU POST and you can only post anti republican rhetoric, articles and news and insulting trump threads and gifs and NEVER anything negative about democrats because the forum liberals dont like it.

    This isnt about me they cant do anything to me, im on the last lap, this is about my grandkids and about my grandaughters having to take a piss with some boy, who promotes thats Standing Wolf your democrats right.

    I post what your democrats do that I do not like, YOU do not like that I post OH WELL

    Whos promoting medicare for all that will destroy healthcare for everyone and cost trillions your democrats right ? your liberals.

    I could go on, thats what I post about, thats why you hate what I post because you cant dispute any of those facts. Im tired of you innuendo that I abuse my power blah blah that I do this and I do that.

    Ive posted far less in the last 2 months and I didnt post at all for 2 weeks and here comes standing wolf with his sameOle insinuations im ruining the forum. Common single handedly is ruining the forum because Standing Wolf doesnt like what he posts.

    Heres my last answer to you, you better get used to it because im not changing one thing and Id be posting alot more if I wasnt a mod. If you want to rebutt and disprove what I post by all means go for it, ill be more than happy to admit that I was wrong, if you demonstrate that I am.
    Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.


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    I don't care what the Moderators post when they are just posting. Left, Right, Extremist, Moderate... I don't care. As long as they are held to the same posting standards as any other member, they should be able to express their views just like anyone else.

    When I have a problem with them is when they make stupid moderating decisions, and they make more than their share of those. When they put their heads together and can't figure out the difference between mentioning that moderation occurred and questioning moderation, you have to wonder what the Hell they are doing in their secret little den. When they make decisions that directly conflict with forum rules (like Thread banning members form tPF threads just because the thread starter requests it, even though the forum rules specifically say there must be an actual rules violation in order to ban someone) again, the natural reaction is to ask what kind of idiots are running this show. If they can't even read and understand their own rules, what good are they?

    Oh well, none of this discussion matters. If the forum's management wanted this place to be better, they would reach out to the membership and ask what can be done to improve the forum, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen. All we can do is just shake our heads, bite our tongues and keep posting.
    "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." Marbury Vs. Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803). "Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them." Miranda Vs. Arizona, 384 US 436 p. 491.

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