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Thread: In defense of our police ...

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    In defense of our police ...

    The $#@! in this video is extremely juvenile and in my opinion, inexcusable. These kids are having a lark completely at the expense of these cops in a vague situation that are just trying to do their job. If these little sh-ts actually were press, I'd report them to their editors. If they're college students, I'd tell their professors and demand from them an explanation. They are literally just having fun pushing buttons trying to aggravate inappropriate police behavior, and they are horrible little brats for doing it. If it weren't for immigrants, they'd be protesting for some other stupid $#@!. It's ridiculous.

    What are these stupid little $#@!s going to be like when they're middle aged? What kind of monsters will they have for kids? Why don't boomers kick the crap out of their spoiled rotten spawn for this anarchistic $#@!? All these little lollipop lickers seem to want is attention for causing ruin.

    I really don't get it, but it sure annoys me to see this. It really doesn't get any better than what we have right now, and it's the outlaw left (Democrats, progressives, liberals, junkies, rabblerousers) that is here creating probably not entirely deserved sympathy for the cops, both incubating negative opinion among police about probably normal people (despite what you see), and generally causing undue misunderstanding, and for no other reason than the perverse pleasure in doing it, and because something bad is likely to eventually happen that they can blame on normal citizens -- right now being the right.

    Are these little monsters all on Soros-Clinton payroll? Grow the f--k up!

    End of rant.

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