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  1. Wiener finally bites the big one
  2. The Greatest Cash Theft of All Time
  3. How Can Obama Get Away With the War in Libya?
  4. fast and furious....
  5. Obama to Pitch Afghan Endgame
  6. Weiner Sponsored Bill to Immigrate ‘Hot Supermodels’
  7. Blacks- America's New Racists
  8. Who is going to be the GOP nom?
  9. Rick Perry Could Unite the GOP
  10. Neal Boortz Wants “Dead Thugs” In Atlanta
  11. Barney Frank and Ron Paul Move To Legalize Marijuana
  12. Obama’s Illiberal Foreign Policy
  13. How to Get Around Campaign Finance Laws
  14. New York Becomes 6th State to Pass Gay Marriage.....
  15. Gangsta Government
  16. Can Democrats Really Argue About Their Economics?
  17. Ex Democratic Governor Rod Blagovich Guilty.....
  18. What Do You Think of PolitiFact?
  19. Joe Scarborough-Moderate Republican.....
  20. Obama's Oil Hypocrisy
  21. What We Can Learn From Estonia
  22. Western Idealism And Sharia Law
  23. Awesome Political Cartoons.....
  24. Racism a factor with impeaching Obama
  25. Denmark closes border, multiculturalism failure
  26. Latest glitch in ObamaCare: Millions of middle class qualify for free insurance
  27. Sarah Palin Slams Stars.....
  28. White House Salaries Trend Upwards.....
  29. We Don't Have a Debt Problem, We Have a Congress Problem
  30. Another Republican Runs For The Presidency.....
  31. Liberal Frankensteins
  32. Romney Still Leads Bachmann by Double Figures in New Hampshire
  33. Warren Buffet Makes a Great Point
  34. David Duke thinking for running for President 2012
  35. Boehner Reportedly Willing To Give Up Bush Tax Cuts
  36. Bachmann: Blacks had more stable families under slavery than under Obama
  37. The Demagogic Style
  38. Pakistan threatnes to withdraw troops unless US gives money
  39. Afghan President's Brother Assassinated by Bodyguard
  40. 51st STATE? The South California Plan.....
  41. Should Sarah Palin Be Given Special Treatment.....
  42. Arnold Schwarzenegger Good for the GOP or Not.....
  43. Rudy Guilani Announces on CNN He May Run For the Presidency.....
  44. Coburn proposes $9 trillion deficit cut measure
  45. Measuring Media Bias
  46. Republican 2012 Hopefuls Turn on Each Other.....
  47. House passes cut cap and balance bill
  48. Another Interesting Most Wanted List
  49. Investigate NBC, Gannett and others for hacking phones etc
  50. Juan Williams’ Wife: NPR Liberals Are Hypocrites
  51. Obama family lies taint his presidency
  52. New poll carries warning signs for Obama in 2012
  53. Gang of Six Advice.....
  54. Allen West tirade: Wasserman Schultz 'vile...despicable...not a Lady'
  55. Chile privatised their version of SS?
  56. Another Republican Enters the Presidential Race.....
  57. Why Does Al-Qaeda Have a Problem With Norway?
  58. republican strategy
  59. U.S. Blogs and Websites Blamed for Influencing Norway Massacre
  60. Political Cartoons
  61. Who Owns U.S. Debt
  62. Glenn Beck equates the Norway Camp with Hitler Youth
  63. Illinois congressman arrested during DC protest
  64. Deal or no deal? US downgrade looking likely
  65. Bachmann criticized for silence on suicides in her district
  66. Illinois congressman owes $117K child support
  67. Most Wanted In San Diego
  68. does congress work like this?
  69. Sanctions and Travel Bans by the UN and or Other Countries.....
  70. ISRAEL, US Race to Avert Palestinian UN Bid.....
  71. On the Net? You Are Being Watched
  72. Concerning Republicans.....
  73. Concerning Libya.....
  74. Hillary Told You So.....
  75. Rick Perry Announcing
  76. Obama Disapproval Hits All-Time High
  77. How weak is Obama, ask the liberal media fools
  78. Islamville, South Carolina - a muslim only community with Jihad dreams
  79. Jackie Kennedy tapes, she thought LBJ may have killed JFK
  80. GOP debate tomorrow
  81. Ames Straw Poll
  82. Obama Photo Sparks Outrage
  83. Jimmy McMillan
  84. Teddy
  85. Ron Paul and Santorum On Iran From the 8/11 Debate
  86. Your thoughts on the GOP debate
  87. Is Sarah Palin Deliberately Trying to Take Down Romney?
  88. Requiem for Hillary
  89. Obama slammed by a brother
  90. Herman Cain is My New Favorite Contender
  91. Obama less popular in Arab world than Bush and Ahmadinejad, Arabs are racists
  92. U.S. Suspends Work of Aid Groups in Gaza Strip.....
  93. Rick Perry's Texas Miracle May Not Be All That
  94. Bachmann wins Ames Straw Poll, Paul a Close Second
  95. Republicans Who Cut Defense Spending
  96. DID PERRY Fire A Shot Across the Bow Against Bachmann and Palin.....
  97. Pawlenty Drops Out
  98. ARE The OBAMA ADMIN & DEMOCRATS Seriously Talking about Reducing the DOD Spendin
  99. Funny Story about LBJ
  100. Perry Declares a Voting Emergency and Invalidates Veteran ID Cards
  101. Media Continues To Ignore Ron Paul
  102. Let the Perry Hatred Begin
  103. Republican Talk.....
  104. Bachmann's Mom Exposes Her For Lying
  105. Obama creates his own luck
  106. The Obama Bus Tour
  107. MSNBC's Schultz smears Rick Perry and gets caught...
  108. New Interview with Mikhail Gorbachev
  109. Perry says he doesn't believe in global warming
  110. Obama Says Syrian President Has Got To Go
  111. Rick Perry Stands By His 'Treasonous Bernanke' Attack
  112. Perry Slams Idiotic Law That Doesn't Actually Exist
  113. Latest Poll Results Favor Perry
  114. Michele Bachmann Worried About the Rise of the Soviet Union
  115. Russia tells US and EU to Hold-up.....
  116. Obama says no more immigration
  117. Republicans Want to Raise Your Taxes!
  118. Obama: Low rating shows unhappiness with Congress
  119. Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘The tea party can go straight to hell’
  120. Rick Perry Disavows His Own Book From Nine Months Ago
  121. Obama Pressuring State Attorney Generals to Make Peace With Banks
  122. Karl Rove Thinks Palin Will Join Presidential Race.....
  123. Europeans overwhelmingly against immigration: Poll
  124. China Doesn’t Have a Plan
  125. Perry and Global Warming
  126. Great article on Perry and Global Warming
  127. Latest Gallup Poll has Perry Crushing Romney
  128. Dick Cheney Had Secret Resignation Letter.....
  129. Red States Higher in Divorce Than Blue States
  130. Ron Paul Behind Obama By Only Two Points
  131. Perry bills feds $349M for incarcerating illegals
  132. Pols Have Always Been In It For Themselves
  133. Republicans and FEMA
  134. Rep. André Carson: Tea party members of Congress want blacks ‘hanging on a tree’
  135. 1 in 4 want Primary challenger to BO
  136. Riots show that the West needs religion
  137. Al Gore tied to Westboro Baptist Church
  138. The Truth About The Libyan "Rebels"
  139. Sec. Clinton & Sec. Panetta push back against D.O.D. budget cuts.....
  140. U.S. Ties to Gaddafi
  141. Obama UPS Pressure Over Transportation.....
  142. HILLARY CLINTON: This EXACTLY the Type of WORLD I Want To See.....
  143. What is labor day
  144. Democrat Repeats (Louder This Time): Immigration Issue Could Spark Third Party
  145. The Obama Amnesty
  146. Interesting Article On Catholicism and Immigration
  147. Major Shake-UP For Bachmann.....
  148. Obama hits all-time lows, according to NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll
  149. Liberals Unite!
  150. Dick Cheney
  151. Cheney Still Supports Waterboarding
  152. Robert Gates: ISRAEL an UNGRATEFUL ALLY.....
  153. Interesting passage from NRO
  154. President's Speech
  155. The Republican Debate.....
  156. Myth and Reality After 9/11
  157. The 9/11 ‘Overreaction’? Nonsense
  158. Who Would Win Under Obama's Jobs Plan
  159. ACORN thugs funded again
  160. Obama's Office of Diversity
  161. Obama Administration Continues War Against Medical Marijuana
  162. Archie Bunker on Obama and guns on a plane
  163. U.N. says going green will "only" cost $76 trillion
  164. The GOP Is Dragging Us Into Civil War
  165. Politics and the Carrot
  166. Obama Picks More Females and Minorities For Judges.....
  167. good book review from VDare
  168. Could it happen?
  169. Vicious Krugman piece
  170. So Conley...
  171. Jobs plan wil be paid for by ending tax breaks for Oil, Gas, and more
  172. Putin: Straight Up Big Pimpin
  173. Nearly 1 in 6 Americans in Poverty, Census Says Read more on Newsmax.com: Nearl
  174. Cherokee Indians Say they Will Not be Dictated to by the US.....
  175. Obama's Tax Plan Has Already Been Rejected by the Democrats
  176. Obama’s Quiver Is Empty
  177. White House Funnels Over $500 M to Failed Solar Company Solyndra
  178. Check Out What MSNBC is Saying.....
  179. Illegal immigration compared to Jaywalking by WH tool
  180. Obama Allows the Taliban to Open New Office in Qatar
  181. James Carville Says Obama Should Panic
  182. Hitler Discovers ATTACKWATCH is a Joke!
  183. The Democracy Worshipers
  184. Demanding Transparency from the Supercommitee
  185. Who Is On The Supercommitee
  186. Obama Plans Millionaire Tax to be Named After Buffett
  187. VDare calls out the Treason Lobby
  188. U.S. to announce China trade enforcement action
  189. Obama's Plan to Rescue the Postal Service.....
  190. China Says It Supports Palestinian Aspirations....
  191. Perry to Slam Obama on Israel.....
  192. Paul Ryan Calls For Increasing Tax on Middle Class
  193. RNC Surpasses DNC in August Fundraising.....
  194. American Drone Bases Being Built Throughout Africa
  195. Obama Headed For Another Embarrassment at the UN
  196. The Iran hikers are idiots
  197. Obama’s Predictable Scandals
  198. Why Young Americans Can’t Think Morally
  199. Interesting Campaign Video
  200. U.S. Say Pakistani ISI Assisted in Kabul Embassy Attack
  201. Perry’s Ambiguous Employment Record
  202. Funniest Thing You’ll See Today
  203. Syrian Human Rights Abuses Continue
  204. White House Poll on Abandoning Electoral College
  205. Why You Should Listen to Elizabeth Warren
  206. Putin Will Seek Russian Presidency in 2012
  207. Obama Sells Bunker Busters to Israel
  208. Pakistan Will Not Attack Haqqani Network.....
  209. Palestinian State Will Not Accept Palestinian Refugees
  210. Government Doesn't Rule the World, Goldman Sachs Does
  211. An Rebuttal to the Link Between Single Parent Homes and Poverty
  212. Governtment Shutdown Averted.....
  213. Obama Drops the Bedroom Slipper Bomb.....
  214. Obama Subdividing America (Along Racial Lines)—to Win
  215. Lies From Our Politicians
  216. Economists Surveyed By Bloomberg Believe Jobs Bill Could Prevent Recession
  217. Time for Chris Christie to Decide
  218. Palin Biography
  219. Democrats are really not thrilled
  220. Rasmussen poll: Cain five points behind Obama in match-up
  221. South Carolina and Florida Jockeying for Primary Spot
  222. Christie Moving Closer to Presidential Run
  223. Reagan Agrees End the Tax Loopholes for Millionaires
  224. Was Awlaki an American?
  225. Democrat Decries “Highly Unusual” Federal Attacks On State Immigration Enforceme
  226. glen beck says wall street protesters planning a terrorist attack
  227. Sarah Palin Announces She Will Not Run For President
  228. Rubio Will Not Be the VP Nominee
  229. Koch Brothers Guilty of Dealings With Iran
  230. Obama's Claims Missing some Evidence.....Fact Check!
  231. sarah palin donors should ask for their money back
  232. Should Republicans Give In To The President
  233. The Widow's Succession.....
  234. Lockheed Martin: First in Federal Funding, First in Government Fraud
  235. There is Nothing Patriotic About the Patriot Missile
  236. Five To Watch For In GOP Debate Tonight
  237. GOP Debate Tonight
  238. Who Actually Owns the Fed and Why That Must End
  239. Left Wing Terrorists Thwarted In Germany
  240. Cain Just Behind Romney in Iowa New Poll Shows
  241. Perry Refuses Romney’s Request to ‘Repudiate’ Pastor’s Anti-Mormon Comments
  244. At Boeing, Pay-to-Play is the Rule of the Day
  245. Reaction From Tuesday's GOP Debate
  246. Congress Passes 3 Free Trade Agreements.....
  247. Obama Raises Over 70 Million For His Campaign.....
  248. At Northrop Grumman, It's All About the Green
  249. Solyndra CEO Resigns Before Justice Department Investigation
  250. First Lady Stuns at State Dinner.....