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  1. Veterans Thread- Tributes and all things Military......
  2. The US Military, Gung Ho.....
  3. Veterans and Military: Tribute To Those Who Have or are Serving.....
  4. Veterans Services.....
  5. Marines Outraged Over Occupy Wall Street Attack
  6. Occupy Wall Street Protestor and Marine Scott Olson To Need Brain Surgery
  7. Free Applebee Meals for Vets and Active Duty on Nov 11
  9. Happy 236th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps
  10. Veterans Day Nov. 11th 2011.....
  11. Oldest Living 4 Star Army General Ralph Haines Dies.....
  12. Pearl Harbor Day
  13. U.S. Military Marks End of IRAQ War.....
  14. Army Suspends 1st Female Drill Sergeant Leader.....
  15. A Look at Today's US Naval Ships and the Future of Naval Warfare.....
  16. 4 US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Sat. Jan 7th, 2012.....
  17. US Military Tech
  18. Foreign Powers Military hardware and Technologies.....
  19. Happy 50th to the Navy Seals
  20. US Air Force's Secretive Space Plane.....
  21. Pentagon Planning Army and Marine Reductions as Cuts in the Defense Budget.....
  22. US Bunker-Busters "Not Powerful Enough Against Iran's Fortifications.....
  23. US to Test 32 Megajoule EM Railgun.....
  24. Kosovan Sentenced to Life for Killing US Airmen.....
  25. U.S. Navy: Iran Suicide Bomb Boats in the Gulf.....
  26. Act of Valor Movie
  27. Golfing Resources for Injured Vets
  28. The Battle of 73rd Eastings
  29. A serious Problem for the US
  30. Raise A Glass
  31. American Soldier Dies Saving Afghan Girl
  32. Random Photos
  33. The Mother of the MRAP
  34. Dragon Vs Law.....
  35. US Marines Save an Afghan Girl
  36. Zumwalt Class o_O
  37. The US military's "secret" weapon- the sniper
  38. Shotguns.....
  39. Memorial Day
  40. Patches a memorial
  41. Americans Honor Troops For Memorial Day......
  42. US Navy Stealth Ship Answer to Rising China.....
  43. Cover-Ups that still Piss Me Off ...... USS Liberty and the Mayaguez Incident
  44. Unmanned US Air Force Space Plane Lands In California......
  45. Mmc...
  46. 3 US Soldiers Killed In Blast, In Afghanistan Wed. June 20, 2012.....
  47. Serving in Service Organizations
  48. NJ Wawa Allegedly Calls Police on Military Vet Over Service Dog
  49. Combat: warning graphic
  50. Once again....
  51. Marine sings fourth verse of the Star Spangled Banner
  52. Afghan Green on Blue Attack Results in Death of Americans......
  53. Angel Flight
  54. One Tough Old Dude
  55. Vets say late pay from VA cripples their finances
  56. Combat Veterans with PTSD Support Romney....
  57. Mitt on commitment to country
  58. Ltc
  59. Someone you should know: Gurkha hero
  60. US Soldier Suicides Outnumber Combat Deaths In 2012
  61. Soldiers With a Sense of Humor
  62. Someone you should know
  63. Prisoner of War Bowe Bergdahl
  64. Someone you should know
  65. Women in Combat
  66. Female Marines Fail Infantry Officer Course
  67. Finding Closure Through ‘Zero Dark Thirty’
  68. Investigating War Crimes
  69. Boy Scouts in Marshal Law Training - I want the Veterans take on this! Please.
  70. the Los Angeles Times pays tribute to the California service members
  71. Someone you should know
  72. Two Marines that you should know
  73. 69 years ago
  74. Amazing - Seal Team 6 member now a woman
  75. Picking up WIA
  76. Though I am not a veteran, I will post this link and part of the article
  77. Someone you should know
  78. To A Marine,who Became Heavyweight Champion. R.I.P.Ken Norton!S/F
  79. Non Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.......
  80. Resisting Military Protocol
  81. Oct 13 Vet March
  82. Lambeau Field, Green Bay
  83. Rare WWII Photos
  84. Ellen rewards waitress who picks up vets tabs with $10,000 check
  85. Death Threat Against Ted Cruz
  86. National Guardsman shoots recruiters
  87. I'm going to trust you people for a moment
  88. American technology, teamwork and Strength in action......
  89. 107-yr-old WWII & Vietnam Veteran tells of longivity...
  90. Invisible Veterans
  91. Why I hate Veterans Day
  92. The Brandon Raub Thread
  93. Veterans - Shout it Out
  94. Veterans Day Parade Totally Screwed-Up due to BS Weather.
  95. Veterans' Day Humour: World War I Explained On Facebook
  96. Ninety Eight Years Ago!
  97. Ya gotta love Marines!
  98. Flash Mob: The USAF band at the Smithsonian
  99. Disabled Vets and Working Age Military Retirees to get Cuts in Benefits
  100. Surprise for Christmas
  101. Vets or Pets and Animals room?
  102. Crew of the USS Ronald Reagan and Radiation Sickness
  103. William Overstreet and the Eiffel Tower - 1944
  104. Afghanistan
  105. 'stolen valor'
  106. Lone Survivor Interview: CNN v. Seal
  107. Kate Smith introduces "GOD BLESS AMERICA"
  108. A GREAT story!
  109. 95-year-old Veteran criticizes Obama
  110. Never Forget
  111. Tired
  112. A Soldier's Pledge
  113. Yankee Hunters
  114. Why veterans hate the VA...
  115. An Old Jarhead is Tired........
  116. Why Veterans Hate the VA Part II (the non-race thread version)
  117. More Important than Civilians?
  118. Iraq 2003-2007
  119. Senator Everett Dirksen Tribute to Veterans
  120. Tomb of the 'Unknown Soldier'
  121. 1,892
  122. Just watched the movie 'Platoon' again
  123. Saltpeter............
  124. Moonbat
  125. Tier One Soldiers; Record Levels of Suicide
  126. Remembering Pat Tillman 10 year later.
  127. General Mattis on PTSD
  128. Marine combat veteran, Austin Tice missing in Syria
  129. Cute Marines singing "Frozen"
  130. Fidelity
  131. Thank you.....
  132. Recruiting way down, on purpose
  133. Self Aiming Sniper Rifle
  134. From Every Patriot Grave, if you Seek Peace, Prepare for War
  135. Thank You for Your Service
  136. Gunny Duff
  137. Marcus Lutrell
  138. Last of the Code Talkers
  139. Miracle at Normandy
  140. D Day
  141. Carefully
  142. Happy Birthday U.S. ARMY
  143. 82nd and the French Foreign Legion
  144. My Favorite Veteran
  145. I dedicate my P-38 to all my Nam Brothers
  146. A Veteran on Iraq War
  147. Why Democrats are the Reason we lost the Vietnam War
  148. Someone you should know
  149. Someone you should know
  150. Women
  151. Someone you should know
  152. Major General Harold Greene
  153. What wars will we be in?
  154. Disapointed
  155. Question for us Vets and you Civies...
  156. 1Lt Alonzo Cushing, someone you should know
  157. Operation Market Garden
  158. What I would do about ISIS, by Animal Mother
  159. Regarding Our Men in Uniform
  160. Beer Commercial to Always Remember the Troops
  161. Old Vets
  162. Iraqi WMDs
  163. Devil Dogs
  164. Lt. Col Nagl on how to defeat Isis and restore Iraq and Afghanistan
  165. Tamorisi released!
  166. Marine Corps Birthday.
  167. Happy Veteran's Day
  168. Meet America’s oldest living vet
  169. I've been away from the board...
  170. Me
  171. Captain Queeg in real life
  172. Largest ever cannon fired in combat
  173. Marines at Chosin
  174. What do our vets think about the US hiring military contractors?
  175. for our heroes
  176. Untold stories of Chris Kyle
  177. Well Obama stepped in it again ... War for Ukraine
  178. VA Chapels Hiding Religious Symbols
  179. Combat rations of 20 armies around the world revealed
  180. I was selected. OCS bound!!!
  181. Do we need all of our military
  182. Mighty Atomic Cannon
  183. How much control does China have over the USA
  184. Misplaced anger
  185. Johnson alerted North Korea of his targets....
  186. David Petraeus to plead Guilty
  187. CPT Kimberly Hampton
  188. Marines Defend New Wheeled Amphibious Vehicle Design
  189. 1LT Ashley White- someone you should know
  190. Corporal Kyle Carpenter: MoH
  191. Task Force Violent
  192. Babies in prison
  193. In honor of our fallen brethren.
  194. The M-60
  195. Taliban snipers fire on the 101st and die
  196. House panel backs major military retirement overhaul
  197. Naval Aviation seen from the cockpit
  198. Rangers honored with Silver Stars, Bronze Stars
  199. Combat controllers to receive Air Force Cross, Silver Stars
  200. Dutch man searches for family of Alabama WWII soldier
  201. Air Force commandos get valor awards
  202. Close Air Support
  203. Aren't those salutes to the military at NFL games touching?
  204. Osama Bin Laden
  205. Army vs. Marines
  206. The military’s Cultural Support Teams
  207. Captain Eddie Rickenbacker
  208. Someone you should know: Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Ros
  209. Marines, corpsman refuse to testify against sergeant at retrial in Iraqi killing
  210. Task Force Violent: USMC screwed these guys
  211. our flag
  212. VA home loan. you can retire on it, if you go at it right
  213. Extortion 17 (“one-seven”)
  214. Which Branch of the Service were you/your relatives in?
  215. Civil war facts, figures and comments
  216. PTSD and suicide in the military- one story
  217. Four of our Brothers lost their lives today.
  218. People expect me to be fine
  219. Report: Jumpmaster cited in training death of paratrooper
  220. Army celebrates 75 years of the American paratrooper
  221. Women going through Ranger school.
  222. Army parachutist dies at air show
  223. Hidden damage revealed in veterans' brains
  224. Green Arrow on the Military
  225. Military gravestones used to build patio
  226. New law toughens penalties for "stolen valor"
  227. ‘Completely betrayed’
  228. The US “Xbox” bombs
  229. Marine Corps considers lowing standards for the Infantry Officer's Course
  230. from e-1 to o-9: frank e. petersen dead at 83
  231. Augusta Chiwy dies at 94
  232. 6 Chaplains Who Became Heroes - Without Ever Carrying A Weapon
  233. Tuskegee airman, WWII hero from N.J., dies at 90,
  234. A grim log from the Iraq war goes to a future wing of the Marine museum
  235. The USS Constitution
  236. How Much Weight Soldiers Carry, and Incredible POV Footage of a Massive Paratrooper D
  237. Experience the Blue Angels in 360-degree video
  238. Someone you should know
  239. Nubs
  240. Broken Arrow
  241. Delta Force Soldier laid to rest at Arlington
  242. The Lions Of Rojava: Someone you should know
  243. tPF Ground combat
  244. China's New Humvee Isn't Quite Built for Combat
  245. tPF Will the Bomber Always Get Through?
  246. Vietnam Veterans
  247. tPF GAU-8/A Avenger 30MM gun
  248. U.S. Navy's Plans for a Huge Ballistic Missile Defense Ship
  249. tPF Military Bases No Longer Accepting IDs from Five States
  250. tPF Missing Marines Identified in Hawaii Helicopter Crash