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  1. Random history chat thread
  2. The Imjin War (cont)
  3. Rome
  4. Top 10 Worst Roman Emperors.....
  5. Ancient People and their Known Locations.....
  6. The fermented cereal beverage of the Sumerians may not have been beer
  7. 100 Years After the Cherry Blossoms Bloomed
  8. White Slavery in America
  9. Militaria
  10. Greatest People in History......
  11. Irena Sendler, 15 February 1910 – 12 May 2008, Poland
  12. Freemasons.....
  13. The Khitan exodus, one of the most improbable awesome story you probably never heard.
  14. America's First Rebel: Roger Williams and the Birth of Liberty
  15. Alternate History Ideas
  16. The Fall of Rome; and today
  17. Ancient Life-Size Lion Statues Baffle Scientists
  18. Lost civilizations : Khazaria
  19. Sophie Scholl
  20. Roman wreck found off Italian coast
  21. Lincoln’s Endorsement of Colonization
  22. Triumph Forsaken
  23. Commentary on Chinese History Documentary
  24. How Would You Have Voted? (Americans)
  25. Favorite political figure
  26. The Nature Of History
  27. Nazism And Communism: Evil Twins?
  28. The Treason of the U.S. Constitution
  29. AP Exclusive: Memos show US hushed up Soviet crime
  30. A Brief History of the Idea of Progress
  31. Constitution day
  32. Antietam: 150 yrs ago today.
  33. Christian China in 古 亞 Ancient Asia from 2500 BC
  34. Emperor Marcus Aurelius and the History of Opium Addiction
  35. The Propaganda Thread
  36. Archaeologists plan new dig at Troy
  37. The fairy tales of the warren commission on oswald hold no water.Its amazing the many
  38. Travels of Ibn Battuta... in the gold age of Islam.
  39. The British Have Invaded All But 22 Countries
  40. The First World War Ended Today
  41. China's Greatest Shame
  42. Axis Victory
  43. Cold Cases
  44. Ancient Western Civilizations Timeline 3500BC-476AD
  45. Çatalhöyük -- Urban Life in Neolithic Anatolia
  46. Rome's Last Citizen: The Life and Legacy of Cato, Mortal Enemy of Caesar
  47. World War I: Trench Warfare Begins
  48. Oddments of history
  49. The Battle of Leuthen
  50. Nothing new under the sun...
  51. The Uluburun shipwreck
  52. Disabled but not discarded
  53. December 7, 1941
  54. Nazi Germany Declared war on the US Today
  55. This famous photo was likely staged
  56. President Nixon Deserves Respect
  57. The First Battle of Champagne December 20 1914
  58. Lincoln's Pearl Harbor Attempts
  59. Be grateful JFK got elected in 1960 instead of Dick Nixon.
  60. Bloodbath at Stones River
  61. The Battle of New Orleans, Jan. 8th 1815
  62. Battle for Hill 3234, January 8 1987
  63. 2,000-Year-Old Treasure Discovered In Black Sea Fortress
  64. The Battle of Manzikert: Military Disaster or Political Failure?
  65. The Battle of Tours-Poitiers Revisited
  66. The Myths of Medieval Warfare
  67. British Defeat at Isandlwana, January 22nd 1879
  68. What is History?
  69. Brief Introduction to the founding of the Republic of China and it's government
  70. News Flash, Gun Nuts: There is No "Right to Rebel"
  71. Marina Oswald Warns America Prophetically
  72. Richard the third of england the first to be supported by social services .
  73. Modern history : The techne tronic era
  74. Franco-American alliance took effect today
  75. Battered Skulls Reveal Violence Among Stone Age Women
  76. T3 - 9 year old Quvenzhané Wallis just made history
  77. Epic Moments in US History
  78. The Battle of Verdun Began Today
  79. Should Government Subsidize Artists and Museums
  80. The Hundred Days
  81. Post-WWI Treatment of Germany: Too harsh or Not Harsh Enough
  82. Researchers: Stonehenge started as huge graveyard
  83. Stages of Human History
  84. Jacques de Molay Burned at the Stake Today
  85. The U.S. Presidents: Favorable or Unfavorable?
  86. WWII. The battle for Cologne. Tank duel at the cathedral
  87. Battle of Shiloh
  88. Listen My Children
  89. The Scent of Spring
  90. History of the death penalty in Canada
  91. Roots of the American Civil War
  92. The Napalm Girl, Then and Now ...
  93. Battle of the Wilderness 1864
  94. the 9/11 official conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.
  95. Hitler, Mussolini, Roosevelt
  96. Marriage in Decline
  97. Massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane
  98. Battle of Waterloo Fought Today in 1815
  99. Archaeologists have discovered oldest cave art hidden for more than 6,000 years in TN
  100. Outstanding mistakes of all time
  101. The CIA made use of a Nazi war criminal's anti-guerrilla skills
  102. ok this is pretty cool actually, a new app for history lovers
  103. Why Did Germany Lose The Second World War?
  104. Ten thousand people take part in re-enactment of Battle of Gettysburg
  105. The Battle of the Somme
  106. Gettysburg 150 years later
  107. The Fourth of July President
  108. Henry Wallace, America's Forgotten Visionary
  109. Is the 4th. of July a White Holiday?
  110. Favourite tales from mythology?
  111. SLAVERY: The Peculiar institution of America.
  112. The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa
  113. Eugenics and Progressives
  114. Capitol Hill
  115. Do you have a favourite Roman?
  116. Social Darwinism
  117. What do you consider...
  118. Request for History
  119. Jewish Voyage of the Dammed
  120. Rents and Race: Legacies of Progressive Policies
  121. George Orwell’s Letter on Why He Wrote ‘1984’
  122. A Spelling Mistake That Lincoln Himself Might Have Made
  123. Mapped: The Seven Governments the US Has Overthrown
  124. America 3.0
  125. Battle of Bosworth Field
  126. Lady Liberty: An Unauthorized Biography
  127. Republican Ideology the Past One Hundred Years
  128. Battle of Mohacs and the end of the Kingdom of Hungary
  129. Hitlers side.
  130. On September 5, 1882
  131. A Civilized Slave
  132. In the US who was the first slave owner of blacks
  133. The Dawning of the Age of Neo-Progressivism
  134. FDR's Three New Deals: The Transformation of a President and a Nation
  135. Lest We Forget
  136. A (not so) Brief History of the Gun
  137. Map of Europe 1000 AD to present with timeline
  138. Is It Possible To Fit the Civil War Into a Single Chart?
  139. Is America still exceptional?
  140. Congress of Vienna
  141. The Republican Party was founded by Socialists
  142. On The 100th Anniversary of the Income Tax
  143. Edward Bernays and the history of modern democracy.
  144. John F. Kennedy Was a Conservative
  145. Only government builds roads, except in New Hampshire
  146. A Letter to Grover Cleveland By Lysander Spooner
  147. Thomas Jefferson’s Farming Failures
  148. The Red Menace: Anti-Communist propaganda of the Cold War
  149. Was solomon nabu na’id?
  150. Degrelle
  151. Anyone Reading
  152. Longbowmen Salute.
  153. Meet the Real Lone Ranger.
  154. Where was America's first Revolutionary battle fought?
  155. The Enclosure Acts
  156. Bourbon Whiskey
  157. Nov, 8, 1942
  158. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  159. The finally changed the name of that Confederate General School
  160. Trench Warfare
  161. History of Iran -Oil Nationalization
  162. Interesting Facts About Andrew Jackson
  163. Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay
  164. Conspiracy Meme
  165. Khirbet Qeiyafa
  166. Documentaries, films, videos, clips, et al
  167. 600 Amulets Discovered in Ancient Turkish Temple
  168. The Year 2000 by J Goebbels
  169. Spanish Civil War, PCE, POUM, CNT, George Orwell
  170. St. Augustine, Late Antiquity, and Today
  171. Understanding Time: A Long Term Perspective
  172. Another myth about Medieval life bites the dust
  173. The last Frenchman executed
  174. Look To Your Own Defences
  175. The Rum Rebellion
  176. The Fall of the Republic
  177. Alexander the Great: Poisoned?
  178. Mystery pharaoh and his tomb identified in Egypt
  179. What Geogrpahy Teaches Us
  180. Hitler
  181. The Liberty Tree
  182. “Liberal”
  183. Bolsheviks shooting Anarchists
  184. Valley of the other kings: Lost dynasty found in Egypt
  185. The Minnesota starvation experiment
  186. Slave ships names and their owners.
  187. Moon Landing and The Dish
  188. History of Flags
  189. Isandlwana: The defeat that stunned Victorian Britain
  190. Characteristics of the Norman
  191. First dinosaur bones in Saudi Arabia discovered
  192. Rudyard Kipling - "Tommy"
  193. 8-bit history of the world
  194. Trajan: Rome Best Emperor
  195. just a thought of the spirit that we need again in the country.
  196. WWI and the Middle East today
  197. Book Review: A Time to Betray
  198. The Last Great Cavalry Charge - Beersheba
  199. U.S. Support for the Khmer Rouge
  200. Mercy vs Ruthfulness and the Irish Strong?
  201. 1929 or 2014? Which market it is?
  202. 900-year old Viking runes finally solved
  203. Destroying Baghdad
  204. The Albigensian Crusade
  205. Taxation with Representation
  206. Debunking Boston Tea Party Myths
  207. The Dark Ages
  208. Executed Today
  209. Ideals of 89- Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.
  210. Justice Thomas: Society is more race- and difference-conscious than in the 1960s
  211. 50 People in the Bible Confirmed by Archaeology
  212. Leftists become incandescent when reminded of the socialist roots of Nazism
  213. On this Day in History, 1692
  214. The Armenian Genocide
  215. Scipio Africanus: Rome's Greatest General
  216. Israel and the brink
  217. Sparta: unbeatable?
  218. 25 most powerful women of the past century
  219. Marcus Aurelius: philosopher king
  220. The Evil Empire Speech
  221. Climate Change and Genghis Khan
  222. How Bad Directions (And A Sandwich) Started World War I
  223. The Jews who fought for Hitler
  224. Rise of the Nazi Party..
  225. Flying Tigers-Mercenaries
  226. Anti-Corn Laws, Irish Potato Famine, and the Manchester Free Traders
  227. Distributions of Languages in Northern Italy pre- the Gaulish Invasion.
  228. Collaboration Horizontale
  229. Swedish History: Gustav III
  230. Irish Neutrality WW2
  231. Charles Lindbergh
  232. U2 Spy Plane Humiliation
  233. Hitlers Opinion of Australia
  234. Why the South Lost; 10 essays
  235. Canada's finest hour
  236. Democracy: ancient versus modern
  237. What we were once taught.
  238. Jed Smith and Mountain Joe Walker
  239. Air Rifle
  240. I-95 WWII Vintage Airplanes
  241. Myths of the Spanish Inquisition
  242. How the Scots Invented the Modern World
  243. Hey Mister D....
  244. George Armstrong Custer
  245. The Rap Battle: Invented By Vikings
  246. The real Robin Hood.
  247. The Bully Pulpit
  248. Holocaust of the Tasmanoid.
  249. Syria's historic Crusader castle damaged by war
  250. The Battle of the Wilderness