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  1. Your Smallest Pet?
  2. here we go....i was gonna do the first thread but noooo someone else beat me to it...
  3. baby sea turtles...ahhhhhhh
  4. General pet picture thread
  5. Favorite Animal Videos
  6. the coyotes seem to be gone!
  7. bones!
  8. Free stumpy now!
  9. I hope to see the Clydesdales this evening, I have never seen them, have you?
  10. Loving a Dog
  11. Smart BullDog
  12. Pup Cries With Joy When Daddy Comes Back From Deployment
  13. suddenly wildlife everywhere!
  14. Cat Reacts To Owner Coming Home After Six Months Away
  15. zonkey love!
  16. I really don't get it ...
  17. WTF is That?
  18. Gang of feral cats attacks woman and her dog in France
  19. Court ruling appealed in puppy beating death
  20. for cat lovers...
  21. Furthur Adventures of Stumpy
  22. Your dog yawns with you because they love you
  23. Man saves dog in boating mishap before rescuing his wife
  24. Shark Cat on a Roomba
  25. Laboratory Chips caged for 30 years are finally released to a sanctuary
  26. Bulldog with skills
  27. German Shepherd Protecting a 4 yr old girl
  28. Dog will do anything not to get a bath
  29. Im Not Going To Stand By And Let The Supreme Court Take The Right To Vote Away
  30. dogs and kids
  31. Big Gator
  32. we are gonna lose billie tomorrow
  33. Dog Saves Child From Babysitter Abuse
  34. Two Babies
  35. Dog accidentally shoots 78 Year Old Owner
  36. Le Chats Ninjas
  37. Super Stealth Dog on the Prowl
  38. World's Gentlest Dog Befriends Little Boy With Down Syndrome
  39. 11-Pound 'Ratzilla' Caught in China
  40. I hate this breed of Dog. I really do
  41. Cute
  42. I hate damn water
  43. This is Cruel and I don't "Get" it at all
  44. Anybody Watching
  45. I Love ME Some Water
  46. One More Ducks. Then I'll Stop
  47. Some kittens, maybe?
  48. It's National Cat Day
  49. Best dog commerical ?
  50. Max and Paddy
  51. Dog and Orangutang
  52. PETA Activist really enthusiastic about raping women
  53. What Should the Punishment Be?
  54. My little Jelly-baby
  55. Max and Paddy
  56. More Max and Paddy
  57. Blind puppy and brother who hugged him adopted
  58. Christmas Max and paddy
  59. A Very Unwelcome Visitor
  60. This Dog Dancing To 80s Music Is Actually Kind Of Amazing At It
  61. Cat Caught Barking Goes Back to Meowing
  62. Found Freezing
  63. Strange-looking animals
  64. Feline vaccinations
  65. Belka (Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky), our 20 day old pup howling
  66. I want a chameleon
  67. Dead Snake video
  68. WARNING GRAPHIC: Wild Cat Mauls Baby
  69. The Dysfunctional Terrier World
  70. Said good bye to a friend
  71. Lion Man
  72. Potent Cow Farts
  73. Realizing you swim in the same ocean with some of the greatest living beings on Earth
  74. Prissy
  75. PETA "furryious" over Joe Nameth's coat
  76. Cute Polar Bear Triplets
  77. A tender hug goodbye between Jane Goodall and a chimp she helped save
  78. Beware the climbing reptiles
  79. Cats vs Dogs
  80. Angry Fat Cat Traps Family In Bedroom
  81. Tibetan mastiff twins sell for record-breaking $3 million in China
  82. What did he see?
  83. Engineers Guide To Cats!
  84. Piranha bite.....
  85. Beavers
  86. Pet treats and heavy metal toxicity
  87. Oregon court says pets are property, reverses neglect conviction
  88. Retired nurse sues for $275,000 in Oregon pet duck attack
  89. For Perrianne!
  90. Dog killed 2-month-old baby, ripped childs legs off while father slept in other room
  91. Happy Well Cared For Doggie
  92. Suicidal Squirrell
  93. Caught In The Act
  94. I will protect her.....
  95. Sweet.
  96. Pro Tip: If You're Going Hunting For Sharks, Don't Do It In An Inflatable Boat
  97. Best Hunting Dogs
  98. Rare megamouth shark caught off Japan
  99. My Dog is a Liberal
  100. Woman gets slithery surprise when she finds a 12-foot snake in her bathroom
  101. Cat Saves A Child From Dog
  102. Mr. Stumpy
  103. Birds
  104. Awwwww!
  105. Saving Baby
  106. Wolf Pups
  107. Bff
  108. Jenga Cat
  109. Steve Coburn Is Pissed
  110. Nice day for a bath.
  111. Happy Little Cows
  112. Happy Story
  113. Get rid of this Breed
  114. I am going to sleep This is a sweet thing to sleep on
  115. Doggie Cries
  116. Ugliest Dogs
  117. Tiger visits boat for lunch
  118. Short But Funny
  119. Watch Arctic snowy owl and chicks via HD cam
  120. Crazy Dog!
  121. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Cute Pug Puppy Version)
  122. Pets Help With YogA
  123. Baby Turtles Being Born
  124. Bocephus & Thibideoux
  125. Baby and Puppy :)
  126. Cool Bear Saves A Drowning Crow
  127. Belly Rubs For Baby! :)
  128. :)
  129. Bath Time!
  130. Incredible footage of great white shark stalking and attacking a robot camera
  131. Chillin
  132. Silly Horse! :)
  133. Cats - Need I say more?
  134. How you wake up if you have a cat
  135. Your Dog has new friend now
  136. YIKES! Real Shark bait!
  137. Lol
  138. Pug or French Bulldog?
  139. Sasquatch News: Stacy Brown 10 mil winner of Finding Sasquatch to speak at BF convent
  140. Dogs Birthday
  141. Our Dogs
  142. Adorable animals
  143. No Momma, Husky howls , I don't want to go
  144. Dog playing with Australian Magpie
  145. Update mountain lion attack
  146. Dog Ambulance! :)
  147. how many....
  148. oh dear god!
  149. The true facts about the Aye Aye
  150. True facts about the Mantis Shrimp
  151. The true facts about the Angler Fish
  152. Bell Ringer! :)
  153. Cat Twerking!
  154. I just can't resist cats!
  155. Poor Baby!
  156. Don't Piss Off The Rodents!
  157. Chicken!
  158. Street Fighting!
  159. Thousands of Venomous Spiders Force Family from Home
  160. Speaking of SPIDERS!!!!
  161. Horse Love!
  162. help Jack....please
  163. we have legs!! !!!
  164. Mama Mama
  165. Eco-system girl, Animals I am happy are gone
  166. Weird Shark Avatar
  167. Young Republican
  168. Tad Bit Spoiled
  169. Horse Dancing to Spanish Eyes...Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelson
  170. Democrats. Errrrrr herd
  171. Music Lovers
  172. This dog is a Democrat
  173. Baby Sea Lion Escapes Shark
  174. The Race Is On
  175. Fourteen to one and one wins or loses?
  176. :)
  177. Bite me
  178. My Buddy
  179. Owls Can Do The Breast Stroke
  180. Pigs R Awesome
  181. One of Most Important Issues: Nobody Is Talking About It
  182. Duck Hunting!
  183. :)
  184. If We Were Dogs
  185. Snakes that fly
  186. Dancing Birds
  187. How sad is this?
  188. Shelter Kitten Loves Being Tickled
  189. Canine Commuter.
  190. Minature Horses
  191. Great white shark attacks fisherman's boat in Gulf
  192. Patches
  193. So, you decide it's time for that swim
  194. Spike
  195. Godzilla vs. Monster X
  196. Miss P America's top dog
  197. Octopus vs. Crab
  198. Two monster sharks have shut down an Australian beach
  199. Louisville woman teaches dogs to read words
  200. Believe it or not, chicken survived head cut off
  201. Woodpecker takes weasel for ride
  202. Is your dog this well trained?
  203. Giant 'dinosaur-looking' gator found on Florida golf course shocks natives
  204. Pig in a Blanket
  205. Moscow subway dogs
  206. My Tenants are Back!
  207. Toxic Bufo Toad Kills Dog In Florida
  208. Parrots Cry Help And fire
  209. Western Black Rhino Officially Declared Extinct
  210. Deer kills man
  211. Mid-Flight Mugging Caught on Video
  212. Amazing dog Skidboot
  213. Lion just can't resist people
  214. incredible hummingbird
  215. 3-D Printer
  216. Hitchhiking
  217. Get off my damn dam!
  218. This Is The One Thing That People Never Understand About Cats
  219. Teeny-Tiny Animals
  220. Findependence Day Weekend
  221. How to beat the heat
  222. Ghetto small group hunting.
  223. Liberia's 'Planet of the Apes' chimps facing starvation
  224. I Love Puppies
  225. Don't drive recklessly over ducks
  226. The downside to having beloved pets
  227. Black Bear Killed Tonight
  228. Startling realization about my cat
  229. Eagle Kills Drone.
  230. Should we cull sharks?
  231. Police Officer Soothes Dog Who Bit Him
  232. This SO reminds me of some threads on tPF!
  233. my dog is dying
  234. How Smart Are Dolphins?
  235. Shelter hopes attention-grabbing sign leads to more adoptions
  236. Pizza rat
  237. Free cats available
  238. Skunks Are Getting Their Heads Stuck in Yogurt Cups and Dying
  239. Can She Be Any More Dense?
  240. OK, this just PI55ES ME OFF!
  241. The Monarch Butterfly
  242. Bonnie Hates To Eat Alone
  243. wtfs??????
  244. Hero dog shot to death
  245. No pet, just death by snake
  246. My little girl is a Bull Rider
  247. We had 5 visitors tonight
  248. Investigation Confirms BLM Illegally Sold Federally Protected Wild Horses for Slaught
  249. Cats ARE neurotic - and they're probably also trying to work out how to kill you,
  250. He Should Marry The Girl Who Talks To Bears