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  1. First!
  2. Couple entering from Canada to USA
  3. Full jury seated in Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair's sexual assault case
  4. Know Thine Enemy
  5. The Immorality of the Nanny State
  6. Holder seeks to avert mandatory minimum sentences for some low-level drug offenders
  7. Judge Orders Doctors To Pump Prisoner's Stomach, Doctors Tell Judge To Piss Off
  8. We Are the Law
  9. Stop and frisk’ is not racial profiling
  10. NSA Spying, Economic Intervention, and Legal Positivism
  11. Do rights protect autonomy or obligations?
  12. Cruel and unusual
  13. Law Antecedent
  14. The Constitution: Originalism or Living?
  15. Law in America
  16. Rule of Law
  17. Move On Starts Petition to have Republicans charged with sedition
  18. Wow police officers suspended for shooting unarmed couple 137 times
  19. TSA Air Marshall Caught Taking Pics of Women's Undies as they Boarded Flights
  20. Father barred from son for having unloaded gun in trunk during cross country move
  21. Mom of Cyber-Bully arrested for child abuse
  22. 100 Indian Tribes SOL due to Obamacare
  23. HS! Skin Shock Therapy in our schools? ABC News report
  24. Gun Propaganda Fail.
  25. Yet another reason to CLOSE and lock your doors....and phones.
  26. The bright side of apathy...it bites both ways.
  27. Will domestic law enforcement paranoia turn US into a police state?
  28. Once upon a time in the Soviet Union, I mean United States
  29. Three men go into the woods to hunt Bigfoot, two men walk out, one is carried out
  30. Cops Sodomize Man for Traffic Stop and it gets worse
  31. 20 Year old girl in handcuffs tasered and is now brain dead
  32. Kokesh out
  33. Sharpening the Sword of knowledge.
  34. Nicotine kills: cops shoot 20 year old desperate for smokes
  35. Letter Generator to stop bipartisan spying bill
  36. The Penny Strikes Back!!
  37. How will this affect the war on drugs?
  38. Family rescues kidnapped niece, saves her life, DA is considering prosecuting
  39. Feinsteins contribution's from intelligence contractors 3x that of Leahy
  40. Parking Ticket anti-climax.
  41. Sheriff and 20 Deputies arrested for running drugs
  42. LOL Deputy caught giving "blow my dome" option to get out of arrest
  43. All you need to know
  44. If they can't screw with you one way, they will another.
  45. No drugs to make a drug bust? No Problem!
  46. Natural Law or The Science of Justice
  47. A compelling case for shooting cops. Tread carefully.
  48. Masking Totalitarianism
  49. Homicides lower in countries with lots of guns
  50. Glad I don't live in Mexico: Cops spray mace into woman's vagina to punish her
  51. Chimps Are People, Too?
  52. Canadian Division of Powers
  53. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  54. The 50 have issued, to the interim President of Egypt:
  55. NYC is jacked up.
  56. FBI can turn on your webcam without the activation light coming on
  57. Cop punches 8 year old in the face
  58. City Government Prohibits Autistic Boy's Therapeutic Pet Chickens
  59. Poll: Most Americans Think Gun Control Won't Prevent Another Sandy Hook
  60. Forseti, God of Justice
  61. Poll: Most Americans Realize Stricter Gun Control Won't Work
  62. 6 Surprising Scientific Findings About Good and Evil
  63. Federal Judge Rules NSA Spying Unconstitutional
  64. Don't ignore gun violence among black Americans: Column
  65. 9 Year Old Pakistani Girl Testifies in Congress Asks Obama to Stop
  66. Mass Shootings in America: Moving Beyond Newtown
  67. More innocent Americans killed by cops than troops killed in the Iraq war ?
  68. Is the NSA's Spying Constitutional? It Depends Which Judge You Ask
  69. NSA Outrages
  70. Liberal Lefties love guns, not the NRA
  71. Most Convicts Vote Democrat, Study Shows
  72. Funny thing.....
  73. Why Can't I Get Married too?
  74. I missed out on that burning question "Can't I get Married too"
  75. Why I don't believe liberals don't want to come for guns...
  76. Rise of Private Security Is Citizen Response to Declining Police Service
  77. Recess Appointments and SCOTUS
  78. To Serve and Protect
  79. Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Obama...Again
  80. The Liberty Amemdments
  81. Judicial activism isn’t a bad thing
  82. Thirteen charts that explain how Roe v. Wade changed abortion rights
  83. An option to drones in the USA.
  84. America's Mandela: Leonard Peltier
  85. The Production of Security
  86. Militia threatens judge with arrest
  87. Court strikes California law restricting concealed weapons
  88. DUI Checkpoints
  89. Corporal Punishment in Schools
  90. After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?
  91. Why I love Sotomayor and why we're all doomed
  92. What Is Polycentric Law?
  93. The One Party State, The War Party
  94. The Conversation
  95. Implied Consent Laws
  96. Can the U.S. Government Declare a State Constitution 'Un-Republican'?
  97. 'Stand Your Ground' Is Neither New Nor Unusual
  98. Handicapped chimpanzee at work.
  99. What is Social Justice?
  100. Free Birth Control and Unfree Photographers
  101. Obama Admits Government has Monopoly on Violence
  102. 2014 NRA-ILA Firearms Fact Card
  103. UCMJ: Unlawful Command Influence
  104. Jonathan Haidt's The Righteous Mind
  105. If you don't want SWAT to raid your house, don't drink tea
  106. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood vs Sebelius: Oral Argument: Transcript
  107. Less Emotional People Are More Concerned With Justice
  108. Supreme Court strikes down overall donor limits.
  109. Cops pull gun on kids in a tree fort because they might have been abusing the tree
  110. The Conscience of the Constitution
  111. US Supreme Court Endorses Involuntary Servitude
  112. What scenarios are acceptable for a police officer to shoot someone?
  113. Justice Stevens: The five extra words that can fix the Second Amendment
  114. Star Tribune: Sex abuse of detained immigrant in Minn. jail shows national pattern
  115. Law and the Bundy's
  116. Fighting crime the UK way
  117. In America.....
  118. Fighting Inequality: Rule Of Law Vs. Legal Plunder Read More At Investor's Business
  119. Church sues to perform marriage
  120. Unknown Good Samaritan with Firearm Stops Two Robbers, Then Does Something Really Coo
  121. Florida Zombie Legislation: You may shoot and kill without permit during apocalypse
  122. Interesting Case
  123. How did this guy get to be Chief Justice?
  124. Do Liberals care more about criminals than their victims?
  125. Teen Dies After Police Shove Sharp Object into Throat Looking for Drugs
  126. 90-year-old World War II veteran gets prison sentence for drugs
  127. Libertarian tu quoque
  128. Police medics.
  129. Ancient Warriors Help Vets with PTSD
  130. The Constitution
  131. SWAT Attacks Wrong Man in Driveway and Kicks the Shit out of Him
  132. Same GA Task Force Killed Innocent Pastor a Few Years Back
  133. Snowden says he has proof he tried to go up the appropriate channels first
  134. Federal Judge contents ATF created fictitious crime, dismisses case
  135. Jacksonville Police: 18,000 homes will receive a warrantless search
  136. Good Cop Punished
  137. One year later, 15 year old honor student still facing felony charges for volcano
  138. 12 year old stab Classmate 19 times
  139. No Justice for Family Dollar Manager Who Fabreze'd Robbers!
  140. Good cops alert, this one made me tear up
  141. Mean OLd Cops
  142. Three Canadian a ops
  143. Man Receives Settlement for being Tazed and Drugs Planted on Him
  144. "America is a War Zone"
  145. Gun myths vanish in 5 minutes
  146. She let him remove her panties and 45 days later cried rape
  147. Cop Hater's Rejoice There's good News In Your Battle Against Cops
  148. Mini Me gets his rooter tooted by the TSA: Pics Inside
  149. Rand Hopes to Stop Holder's Trap for Gun Stores
  150. Compromising
  151. Incorporated SWAT teams.
  152. Call the cops
  153. The law of robbery.
  154. Why Gun Control is Fail
  155. Corrupt lawyers ... book -- Licensed to lie
  156. Update from Congressman Issa
  157. update on TX abortions
  158. 11 year old confronts illegal aliens
  159. Sex Offender Registries
  160. Ohio strippers take topless protest to church that harassed them as ‘whores, tramps’
  161. A New Day In Ferguson
  162. 19 year old woman shot for holding hand drill
  163. Gun rights articles by Emily Miller
  164. Breaking news about Brown shooting
  165. Mona Charen on Ferguson issues
  166. Race War in America
  167. Eric Holder: I Am the Attorney General but I'm Also a Black Man
  168. I know Walt and Kelly ... read their story
  169. DHS: Think the Worst First
  170. Vampire Cops Strap People Down and Draw Blood to Protect Us from Drunk Drivers
  171. Peacekeeper App for Your Smart Phone
  172. Cop shoots at man A, hit and kill man B, charge man A with man B's murder...what?
  173. What is the job of a cop?
  174. Nice cop thread
  175. Another Nice Cop Thread
  176. Sons of Guns TV show on Discovery
  177. Bogus story on Palin unravels
  178. A Texas Judge Cited 'The Big Lebowski' In A Legal Decision
  179. LAPD Chief backs officers v Watts
  180. Should federal court judges allow the execution of a factually innocent defendant?
  181. 911 call, surveillance video together - Ohio police shooting
  182. FBI stings a judge
  183. Will SCOTUS take up gay marriage? Should it?
  184. Last Week Tonight looks at Civil Forfeiture.
  185. Breaking Bad in real life
  186. How COPS steal your money with no warrants
  187. 20 Sec. Judge Judy Case!
  188. 24 year old French Virgin female beheaded
  189. She is black. She is a Judge. I greatly admire her.
  190. Teen's Disappearancee Linked to 3 Generations of Incest
  191. Clarence Thomas Rebukes SCOTUS for Refusing to Hear Gay Marriage Appeals
  192. Cops Pepper Spray and Taser Homeschool Parents to Forcibly Enter
  193. The biggest lawyer fail of all time?
  194. What the Grand Jury testimony says in Furgeson
  195. The Guardian: Mike Brown's Law is a start, but police body-cams are no panacea for vi
  196. Ret. Police Officer Frank Serpico: Police Code of Silence, Still Out of Control
  197. Mumia versus the West Memphis Three
  198. Bad Faith in the Law
  199. What's Rule of Law?
  200. Reformed Strong Armed Robber, Victim Says He Deserves a Pardon
  201. Do police have the right to stop and identify you?
  202. Child Tamir Rice very tall, 195 pounds (homicide)
  203. Reason: Time for a Police Offenders Registry
  204. NPR: Supreme Court Rules Traffic Stop OK Despite Misunderstanding Of Law
  205. Former Buffalo cop fights for pension after exposing brutality
  206. Canadian guilty of first degree murder
  207. Heather Holmes , local pretty reporter
  208. Murder of JonBenet Ramsey
  209. Reason: Ex-Baltimore Cop Alleges Retaliation for Reporting Police Brutality
  210. Crime reporting site
  211. Female Victim of Police Sexual Harassment Wants Change in Law
  212. Democrat David Gregory no doubt won't be prosecuted
  213. Rand Paul Puts forth Bipartisan Police De-Militarization Bill
  214. Colorado Sells $34 Million Of Cannabis: $3.4 Mil Goes To Schools, Crime Down 15%!
  215. Case law.
  216. Kids sent to jail by parents -- Hope kids learned a lesson
  217. Cell Phones, privacy, the FBI, and search warrants
  218. Should a 17 year old be blocked from suicide?
  219. Can you actually be punished for being off the GRID?
  220. Horne v. Department of Agriculture
  221. You ain't Charlie Hebdo
  222. Georgia Inmate executed
  223. Vox.com: Stories like this show why prosecutors are scared to go after police shootin
  224. Oklahoma inmate deserves an academy award for acting
  225. Reason: Cop Arrested for Refusing to Take Off Mask During Protest, Produce Identifica
  226. What will the Supreme Court say about "Disparate Impact"?
  227. OK, I believe this was composed by a cop
  228. Supreme court sides with Government whistleblower
  229. Stopping all crimes.
  230. Excellent legal discussion about the ACA, Corporations, and Hobby Lobby
  231. My Homegurl Sotomayor stands up for the 4th Amendment
  232. Georgia doing it again ... executing inmate
  233. Back to Jodi Arias
  234. Lynch Disqualified herself
  235. Clinton Era Federal Judge Resigns Over DOJ's Policy on Discovery
  236. GOOD: NYPD Permanently Assigns 350 Officers to Roam the City with Machine Guns
  237. Statist warm fuzzy...
  238. Stopping violence.
  239. Constitutional Conservatism Rejects Judicial Supremacy
  240. Miranda Rights and Lower Primates.
  241. Utah woman can sue herself over fatal car accident, ruling says
  242. Just released details of saving girl kidnapped
  243. Amazing.
  244. should my daughter visit her mother in jail? is there a benefit to visiting?
  245. Obama believes he alone is Law.
  246. So sad, kids killed
  247. Tickets poll
  248. Man found innocent, take his cash anyway.
  249. Was this a crime?
  250. Guilt now required.