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  1. Trump Supporters, why do you support a mass murderer?
  2. Did Trump have Ginsburg killed
  3. The Democrats will Expand the Supreme Court
  4. Crazy Trump comments
  5. Trumpís Afraid of a Girl
  6. Physical Health, Biden and Trump
  7. Mental Health, Biden and Trump
  8. Socialism and Dictatorship, Biden and Trump
  9. Disorderly Transfer of Power?
  10. Everything Trump Touches Dies
  11. How to Remain the Leader of the Republican Party
  12. Mail-In Voting and the Coronavirus
  13. Kneeling During the National Anthem
  14. Suckers, Losers, and Herd Immunity
  15. Trump, Just Like Churchill
  16. Trumpís ďPandemic PanicĒ Scam
  17. What Does Trump Care About?
  18. Proud of the American Voters
  19. Trump Cons to Defeat Biden
  20. Suckers, Losers, and Herd Immunity - Revised
  21. Energy Policies, Biden and Trump
  22. Was Trump Afraid of Lesley?
  23. What Does TRUMP Stand For?
  24. What Does DONALD Stand For?
  25. Your buddy, Laura...
  26. Don-the-Con
  27. Trump is the worst President in US history.
  28. The Biden Bus and the Mob
  29. My apologies
  30. my cousins girlfriend knows a guy in Illiinois
  31. why do so many peple insist on punishing themselves ?
  32. The News in Pictures
  33. The case of the poisoned well - a cautionary tale.
  34. Itís Time to Clean-Up the Mess
  35. Biden covid advisory team is tainted
  36. GOP candidate for CA-37 refuses to concede. Difficulty: he got 13.6% of the vote
  37. Hey, tPF Trumpers, here's your safe space
  38. Trump, Get Out of the Way
  39. Trump Gloats and Brags for years ~ *I won by a Landslide*
  40. Loser dot com
  41. Which one are you?
  42. tЯump's coup is failing becaue our democratic institutions are holding strong
  43. As I read the thread titles by
  44. Ways to Honor Trump
  45. Brian Williams comes in with the flamethrower
  46. Right Wing Logic..
  47. its time to be honest about election fraud.
  48. The best lay-off letter ever.......
  49. The dangerous evangelical right pushing for armaggeddon
  50. Dear Patriotic Conservative, your help is urgently needed!
  51. Warning: Release the Kraken!
  52. 3,243
  53. Number of golf outings since trump last attended a covid-19 task force meeting!
  54. 1-55
  55. OK, I gotta admit this made me sit up & take notice; I'm now on the fence about Trump
  56. Virgina Gov blackface BAbyKiller issue new restrictions for Scamdemic
  57. Biden to disinfect White House after Trump leaves; Clear air of lingering droplets...
  58. Republicans have become seditious
  59. Another Way to Know How Serious this Texas Suit Is.
  60. So What Will the Greatest Loser Do Now?
  61. NEW! Your daily list of instances of Right Wing violenceand threats (not complete)
  62. How to show your Trump Love
  63. Pence Set To Flee Country After Biden Confirmation
  64. Trump Won't Pardon His Family Because They May Testify Against Him, Says Ex-lawyer
  65. The Last Days of Trump
  66. OMG, the Deep State has taken over Newsmax!
  67. I feel sorry for the dogs....
  68. Hundreds of Maskless Trumpkins Pack Turning Point USA Party at Mar-a-Lago
  69. This is why I never even talk to people at gun ranges anymore.
  70. With Trump a no-show, Mar-a-Lago guests left to party maskless with Rudy/Vanilla Ice
  71. The Radical Left Democrats
  72. Democrats win in Georgia
  73. Trump and Taking Credit
  74. Profiles in GOP cowardice
  75. The Mob Violence On January 6th
  76. I've seen more order and planning at a slaughterhouse cattle queueing ramp.
  77. Stop the Steal!
  78. 'Moscow Mitch' becomes a Himmler & Goering
  79. Henceforth (after the 20th) ...
  80. Trump Impeachment #2
  81. Trumpís Mob and Sycophants, and January 6th
  82. Trumpís Red Carpet and 21-Gun Salute
  83. Biden's Luck
  84. Unity and the Radical Right Republicans
  85. Why is (R) Kevin McCarthy heading to Mar-a-Lago ?
  86. Give Trump a Break!
  87. Russia Cultivated Trump as a asset for many years!
  88. You had me at Hello......
  89. Kevin McCarthy is a Traitor
  90. what was trumputin good at?
  91. debt
  92. Officer Sicknick
  93. Fox Business suddenly cancels 'Lou Dobbs Tonight,' its highest-rated show
  94. Farewell Lou Dobbs
  95. yeah...no voter fraud. LOLOL
  96. Trump, The Leader of the Republican Party
  97. Ted Cruzís Cancun trip violates the first rule of politics
  98. What a beautiful gesture. I cried.
  99. Trump complained that he was served a smaller steak at his DC Hotel
  100. So Let's Hear it Conservatives
  101. Notes for Trump's CPAC Speech
  102. Hyatt Hotel Faces Brutal Calls From Libs 2 Boycott Their Franchise After Hosting cpac
  103. Democrat party adopts a new theme song
  104. CPAC and Dr. Fauci
  105. Proof Bill Barr was little more than a political operative
  106. It's now illegal in Georgia to give food and water to voters in line
  107. Trumpís Beautiful Shot
  108. Report: Rep. Matt Gaetz under investigation for sexual relationship with 17-year-old
  109. Welcome to the Mad, Mad World of the Shower Cap Blog!
  110. How much are voters from team Dem willing to pay for their choices?
  111. Should people have to address work topics vs political topics at work?
  112. A democrat who gets it.
  113. The Radical Right Republicans and Democracy
  114. Trump Has Turned Republicna Into Complete Morons!
  115. 10 Reasons The 2020 Election Was the Fairest Election of All Time
  116. If you read news cites and watch CNN and Newsmax its clear
  117. A young black woman's perspective and simple yet deep question.
  118. The Rethuglirat Party has all the wack jobs!
  119. I thought we needed a thread to list Biden accomplishments
  120. George Floyd Statue vandalism
  121. Finally! a decent Donald Trump impression
  122. Stupidity
  123. When I see a blue lives matter bumper stickerÖ
  124. I figured it out.
  125. The Coming Republican Scourge
  126. Goodbye Democracy, RIP
  127. I Know It You Know It
  128. Trumpís Qualifications for the Presidency
  129. Trumpís Presidency - Pro and Cons
  130. So-Called ďLegitimate Political DiscourseĒ
  131. Media use of Race
  132. TDS and the Radical Right Republicans
  133. Trumpís Derangement Syndromes
  134. Vladimir Putin's Useful Idiots!
  135. Pro-Trump Derangement Syndrome
  136. No War in Ukraine if Trump was President
  137. Can any DNC supporter explain the price of gas to me?
  138. Declassifying Documents
  139. Trumpís Stolen Documents
  140. Issues That Favor Republicans - the Economy
  141. Issues That Favor Republicans - Inflation
  142. Issues that Favor Republicans - Immigration
  143. Issues That Favor Republicans - Crime
  144. Issues That Favor Democrats
  145. Issues that favor the voters and the people
  146. 'Beating Trump: Barthes, Wrestling, & Myth Today'
  147. Kyle Learns a Lesson in Civil Law
  148. SInce he is just history
  149. hey Gym Jordan, where are the whistleblowers?
  150. Comprehensive Immigration Reform - What is the left's promise?
  151. The real agenda of the right wing is violent revolution
  152. Pore Ginni, pore Clarence...
  153. We need to roll back the power of the Right Wing!
  154. Republicans support RAPE catharsis!
  155. More Republican women than you thinkÖ
  156. Mark Meadows testified to Jack today...
  157. Trump's downfall is coming: Now the Democrats must use his crimes to finish him
  158. Ammon Bundy, MAGAt hero, is back in the news...
  159. Are Billionaires evil?
  160. Has the time come at last?
  161. Just in case you forgot
  162. Justice Thomas Living the High Life!
  163. Conservative's Dream_Bring back the Poor Houses!
  164. representative Gaetz comes down on the side of violence
  165. Tariffs didnít save U.S. Steel
  166. A toddler has now shot someone every week for two years
  167. Clarence Thomas to be poresented as hero to students
  168. Some apparently want to drive around in their pickup trucks shooting up the neighbo
  169. Who is this clown?
  170. Ramaswami sets a record for rudeness and nonsense.
  171. Dear Republicans: We tried it your way and it doesn't work
  172. Donald Trump Warms Up For Criminal Trials By Getting His Ass Kicked In Civil Cases
  173. what do we fear today?
  174. Revealed: The Republicansí three-step plan for classic fascism
  175. The difference between Cons and Libs
  176. If Trump is elected that will be the end of our democratic Republic
  177. The Republican Party today
  178. Marine Major general Smedley-Butler
  179. Terrorist finally caught!
  180. Judge Faniís favorite snack?
  181. Trump
  182. Maine Shooting Has Right-Wingers Going After Their Favorite Scapegoat: The FBI
  183. when Trump attempts to establish fascism it may be the US military
  184. why people support Trump
  185. Trumpís latest speech echoes fascist rhetoric
  186. RW Nut Jobs loose!
  187. Trump claims that he swore on a fake Bible and did not take the Oath of Office
  188. why trump had to have his kids in the whitehouse
  189. Poor baby!
  190. We love the rebel flag!
  191. Big Whoop!
  192. Ramaswamidingdong
  193. What all smart people should know
  194. Biden's support
  195. Republicans In Congress sell out Ukraine and Americans
  196. He's a victim, have pity on him
  197. Taylor Swift's popularity is a Democratic plot to steal the election
  198. he would like to repeal or modify section 230 but the billionaires might not contribu
  199. Let Texas secede
  200. We can expand social security benefits
  201. answer to Elon Musk