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  1. Dems setting the stage for Massive Coup after the election
  2. Pelosi spotted at riots with antifa and blm
  3. Good riddance to Ruth Ginsu
  4. How can Democrats vote for Joe?
  5. Democrat THREATS
  6. blow hole joes flip flops on covid 19
  7. SCOTUS Showdown: A Case for Nominating Barbara Lagoa......
  8. Breaking news
  9. Don't blame President Trump for replacing RBG
  10. Newsweek's Attempt to Smear Potential SCOTUS Pick Amy Coney Barrett Fails Spectacular
  11. Biden takes another day off.....
  12. New Yorkers paint profane message condemning Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo.....
  13. The President's funny one liner from last nights rally in moon township Pennsy
  14. Where's WalJoe?
  15. Absentee Ballots Found Among Discarded Mail in Ditch in Wisconsin.....
  16. Cuomo Says He Won't Accept the FDA's Approval of a Coronavirus Vaccine.....
  17. Cream of Wheat to remove Black chef mascot from the box.....
  18. A tale of two states
  19. Hey kid. Is that a gun in that picture?
  20. Trump Surging With Hispanic and Black Voters In Critical States.....
  21. Jill Biden is giving a speech on the pandemic right now.
  22. Trumps twitter feed was hacked by the enemy and falsely claims they both have COVID
  23. Party That Wants To Run Your Healthcare...
  24. Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World Order
  25. ANTIFA is just an idea
  26. Stupid Leftists Rip Off a Trunk-Load of Trump Signs in their Ohio Community —
  27. Nov 6th freedom or start down the road to communism viva socialism
  28. here’s a list of TRAITORS who should be arrested and tried for TREASON
  29. Government now BREEDING Blacks: San Francisco will pay pregnant women $1000 per month
  30. Tim Allen DESTROYED Liberals With BIG Trump Announcement- You Will LOVE This
  31. You libs REALLY going to vote for this racist?
  32. Biden: "I Won't Reveal Whether I Plan on Abolishing the Constitution"
  33. Lie Pitched From Pits Of Hell Destroyed By The Same WHO & CDC That Fostered The Lie
  34. A Question:
  35. Halloween sex offender laws
  36. Is Joe Biden a prostitute?
  37. Why People Vote For Trump
  38. Cum-allah Harris in Florida
  39. Liberals, other than worshipping blacks what else is Bidens platform ?
  40. Crimes against humanity are real.......
  41. A 10 day shut down?
  42. Trump for Trump
  43. Best Campaign AD EVER
  44. Are Biden's 3 red bars symbolic of Communist Dictator Mao's 3 communist policies?
  45. Sad news about Rachel Maddow aka "ugliest man"
  46. ...the most filthy....the most despicable....
  47. Okay, libs. Name your POSITIVE reasons for voting for Joe.
  48. Warning: Does Ashley’s diary expose Joe as an incestuous pedophile?
  49. Look At What Dinesh D’Souza Caught On A DNC Teleprompter, This Says It All…
  50. The many LIES of Obama
  51. McConnell right cross staggers, his left hook annihilates.
  52. Green New Deal? SEriously?
  53. Biden is a disgusting human being
  54. Cnn hates economy has grown
  55. The TRUE face of the Biden Campaign
  56. BOMBSHELL Photos Leaked…Malia Obama, Cocaine, Sex, and Hunter Biden
  57. Everyone has a right to Badakathcare
  58. Warning: Trump's EASY path to Victory on Nov 3
  59. Don't hold back....
  60. RED ALERT: Dems collude with CIA to launch intelligence operation that ALTERS voting
  61. Badagaffcah.....
  62. Testsubjectalpha's Combined Election Threads
  63. Let the cheating begin...
  64. Congrats BLM ! Crime paid
  65. Trump’s secret weapon revealed: Fourteenth Amendment allows the President to strip EC
  66. Democrats were set up in "sting operation" to catch them stealing election
  67. No election fraud THINK AGAIN
  68. Is Biden dead, now just CGI?
  69. The backdating of ballots?
  70. Message to Demonrats - BLM and Antifashits
  71. Future of the GOP despite this election
  72. 10 days of darkness...Trump banned from twitter......mass arrests?
  73. Media will pay for Trump-hating deal with devil: It cried wolf so much people stopped
  74. What the Left and Democrats are really about...
  75. DON'T tell me the left wants "UNITY"!
  76. Amend the Amendment!! It needs to change!
  77. REAL news
  78. I Have Absolutely No Idea What I'm Doing...
  79. The most radical left wingers in the Dem party, are telling Biden you "owe" us.
  80. Precedent Set By The United States Supreme Court
  81. Harris/Biden problems
  82. Another juicey video exposing the Biden campaign
  83. Reprieve
  84. Perfect for this election.
  85. Pure comedy, kinda
  86. It only gets better....
  87. I just don’t get the arguments?
  88. Soros loads Biden's "transition team" (except there will be no transition).
  89. well well...wyden, kloby, warren complain about Dominion in 2019
  90. 25 INSULTS FROM THE LEFT: That Conservatives Should Wear Proudly
  91. Can Anyone Give Me One Good Reason
  92. Smoking Gun Data: Google Showed Voting Reminders Only to Liberals for Days B4 Electio
  93. Wisconsin Voters File Lawsuit to Exclude Over 792,000 Votes in 3 Counties
  94. Pelosi to Host Large Dinner for New House Members as Dems Urge Americans To Stay Home
  95. Watch LIVE: March For Trump in Washington, D.C. All Day LIVE Coverage
  96. Hey lefty, your time is short.
  97. Vote fraud in Michigan.
  98. 100 resignations from congress, sidney powell going after big tech,
  99. Of Georgia runoffs and nation wide collaborators
  100. Media Confused By Completely Peaceful Protest
  101. If Biden remains an illegal imposter "president", nothing good can ever come of it.
  102. The reset is communisim
  103. ‘Everybody eats plenty’: ‘Southern’ girl compares socialism to a potluck, gets best e
  104. Obama says McCain would badmouth fellow Republicans to him privately
  105. Dead Voters
  106. Biden won't be president, regardless
  107. Don't believe Current Covid Numbers...it's a ScamPan
  108. Replacing Blonde Jokes!
  109. We’re in a bit of a mess
  110. Election fraud? 1992-2020
  111. Left's president-in-thief Biden is a criminal suspect in Ukraine.
  112. tЯump was told there would be no math
  113. Release the Crackin!
  114. Unspoken Rules of Life.....
  115. Liberal parrot phrases that are already popping back up
  116. Antifa Witch Eggs Huggers
  117. More things Dems and Libs refuse to acknowledge
  118. Watch the liberals discount this.......
  119. So, ok.......I'm a bit confused
  120. TREASON: GA Gov. Kemp and CA Gov. Newsom bought off by communist China in covid suppl
  121. We caught them.....
  122. MASS Arrests: Obama, Biden, Gina Haspel arrested for espionage, voter fraud
  123. Lying democrats working overtime to keep you distracting from election court cases
  124. No evidence of voter fraud, huh?
  125. Doctor Has License Yanked After Saying This About the Coronavirus.....
  126. Lt. Gen. McInearny says Trump needs to declare a national emergency and seize Domini
  127. What's Wrong With The 1619 Project?
  128. The Torah versus the left
  129. Kemp's daughter's boyfriend dies in Fiery Crash
  130. Inauguration committee votes down resolution acknowledging Biden as President
  131. Will any liberal dispute this.......
  132. Trump Rules The News Media
  133. The Secret To Freedom Is Courage
  134. Both The Roar Of The Lion & The Voice of The People Being Shut Out By Republicans
  135. Political Bullies Face Benign Popular Uprising: The People Win
  136. The Dark Truth About the COVID Vaccine That Even Fauci Admits
  137. MI Rep Tells Soldiers To Make “Trumpers” Pay – Gets Stripped Of House Comm Assignment
  138. Minneapolis defunds...cuts police budget 8 million
  139. danny shanahan, newyorker caroonist arrested on child porn charges
  140. Five evil things Joe Biden wants/plans to do to this Country
  141. BREAKING: 305th Military Intel proof
  142. Sue the Mask Nazis for Slander!
  143. Twin antitrust lawsuits against
  144. Cutting Out Family Over Politics
  145. Is Capitalism Evil?
  146. Will there be troops on the street?
  147. They're Coming for Christmas! LOLOL
  148. Good old fashioned Cheating
  149. Joe Biden does not Inspire me
  150. News "today was the deadliest day for Covid, 3000 deaths"
  151. m o d e r n i t y 4
  152. There's a New Personality Disorder Creating Faux Victims in Need of Revenge
  153. Make your own hydroxychloroquine (quinine) at home
  154. We are slaves in an illusion
  155. Blackout of social media coming.........
  156. Sophisticated Psyop Being Used Against Gab.com
  157. China has infiltrated our own US Government......
  158. Trump Issues Warning – States that Found MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them,
  159. Godless democrats against religious freedom
  160. Illegitimate Joe Biden
  161. Biden sparks concerns after non-stop coughing in victory speech
  162. Liberals, teach us! Need answers for the 2020-2024 Biden term!
  163. Chelsea Clinton Steps in it Yet Again,
  164. MI GOP Leaders Order State Police to Keep Pro-Trump Electors Out of Capitol Building
  165. Urgent Warning From Doctors - Do Not Take Covid-19 Vaccine
  166. lets see if this is true
  167. Liberals, please stop flooding the forum with Bidens economic policies !
  168. Joe Biden and Chinese Collusion
  169. Take a look at covid death numbers
  170. Trump prepares for military purge ?
  171. The Plight of black college football coaches
  172. Joe Biden's Chief-of-Staff's words
  173. Biden calls Pete Buttigigg's spouse Kirsten
  174. Gov. Gina Raimondo (Leftist) Rhode Island
  175. Now the Truth can be told
  176. Bidens boy will help bring the fool down
  177. ladies and gentle men boys and girls its SHOWTIME
  178. Georgias POS choice for the senate
  179. Man stabs parents when they ask him to turn off video games
  180. Dems Annihilate AOC in secret ballot
  181. Clinton Kill List: People Who Mysteriously Died After Being Associates W/The Clitons
  182. Dem run L.A. sh--hole city
  183. Dems prepping arguments for deaths of conservatives
  184. Microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Has Urgent Warning of COVID-19 Vaccine Risks
  185. For all you back the blue rights
  186. Here's WHERE BeiJingJoe outshined the President
  187. N.Y. Times calls for whites to wait back of the line for vaccine
  188. Why the state seeks to abolish both tradition and history
  189. Thief in Chief takes scripted questions from Fake News Media
  190. Open mike catches cop on duty having sex
  191. I can see why some liberals want Daddy govt to raise them
  192. Christmas eve is Fauci day
  193. Warning: Beware Biden Bipartisanship that will Screw Us!
  194. School daze . Rachel Maddow high school picture
  195. Don't vote for Raphael Warnock
  196. President trump is the hero of 2020
  197. If not for Pres Trump, you would have lost your unemployment check July 31
  198. Jon Ossoff is a rich Mo Fo
  199. Dems promote isolation
  200. Biden will not be US President
  201. We don't have leaders to day, we have appeasement specialists.
  202. Looney left thinks teens should have more rights, less responsibility
  203. Ten People Who Need to Know that America Is Watching Them
  204. Biden says self defense is firing your shot gun off you back porch.
  205. Pain is coming.......
  206. Insanity Wrap #116: California Tumbles Into the Sea
  207. There's a Slight Twist Regarding the Death of GOP Congressman Who Contracted COVID
  208. The 10 Worst Legacy Media Abuses in 2020
  209. The ‘Big Lie’ Behind COVID-19
  210. Organizing traffic
  211. Military intelligence operations exposed global deep state plans
  212. 2020 The Year of the Democrat RAT
  213. Teacher of Year wants McConnels neighbors to beat him up
  214. Seattle Finally Recognizes Marx
  215. Sandra Lee Makes Kwanzaa cake
  216. Do you REALLY think we're going to go back to 'normal'
  217. 2020 Rated Worst Year Ever!
  218. Election theater is cover for the global extermination agenda
  219. Over The Past Week, 5 Republican Lawmakers Have Suddenly Died
  220. A Cure for Blackmail?
  221. Georgia election fraud
  222. Biggest Best Horse Race Fixer says...dems stole election
  223. big MAGA Rally started a day early
  224. Kamala the Liar Your New Senate Hero
  225. Which way will the Republican party go?
  226. Columbia U VP accused of Sexually assaulting child in NJ
  227. Waving Goodbye To the America We All Knew and Loved
  228. CCP Flag Flies Over Capitol....
  229. Words I find inspirational.
  230. FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED: “Viking” who stormed the Capitol Building previously
  231. Beware 80 million plus Trump Supporters
  232. Additional House Cleaning
  233. Ignorant Republicans Riot and Don't Even Get Any Big Screen TV's!
  234. Democracy is a fragile thing
  235. Joe Biden admits he's lied so much he believes is own lies
  236. Election Fraud Evidence Mounts As Democrats Divert Attention
  237. Hillary Clinton Labels Trump Supporters “Domestic Terrorists” Who Need to be
  238. Twitter HQ "Protest" Will Most Likely Be Antifa Dressed as MAGA
  239. Trump's "Racist and Inflammatory" Words that Prompted the Capital Take-Over...
  240. So how will the faithful minions take the news that the Biden administration woun't b
  241. Republican Lives Matter
  242. The FEMA + Military coup to SAVE America
  243. What Conservatives MUST Do now.
  244. Thank you leftists and assorted Biden droolers
  245. WARNING: Does This Look Like A Gift That God Would Give?
  246. Evidence Based Scientific Analysis Why Masks are Ineffective, Unnecessary, & Harmful
  247. Put your American flag upside down Wed 1-20-21 and keep it up until they're gone
  248. What King and Others Wrought
  249. Most Popular President In History To Be Inaugurated In Secret Behind Giant Wall
  250. Viral #TrumpsNewArmy Video Is Liberals At Their Craziest And Scariest