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07-14-2020, 08:24 AM
Going Around the Filter

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of posts containing profanity with the intention to go around the filters/censors. There are two different filters on the forum; the first is the website's filter which only censors a handful of words because freedom of speech is important, and the second filter is personalized, allowing each member to choose whether they want to censor most/all profanity or to not censor it.

By going around the filter, it circumvents the ability of those wishing to not read profanity (which could be a personal preference or because someone is using a work computer, among other possibilities). The personalized filter allows for the freedom of each person to essentially decide whether they think profanity should or should not be viewable. When a word is altered to avoid being caught by that filter, you are removing that decision from those who have decided to use it.

Please stop going around the filter. Also, keep in mind this is not a black and white issue since some words are technically profanity but not filtered, like heck or arse. Moderation will attempt to be as consistent as possible on the issue without being ridiculous.

Thanks. -- The Mod Squad.