View Full Version : Bringing up Moderators (or Moderation)

09-13-2020, 04:18 PM
When moderators are posting as members, it is expected that no one will use their status as a moderator to insult them or to drag a topic off-topic (related to rules 1 and 4). A moderator is only ever posting in an official capacity if they use a notification box or will otherwise make it clear. Moderators have the right to post as members and should not be harassed or discouraged from doing so; they are members first, and moderators second.

When a moderator is posting in an official capacity, do not respond or question the action publicly. Sometimes, members quote thread bans or warnings, and even if a member is trying to be funny or agree with whatever action was taken, it is still considered a violation of rule 9. Please do not question or comment on acts of moderation in public, but use private messages or reports if you have an issue with something that has been done.

Please message a moderator should you have questions about this announcement.