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10-26-2020, 11:07 AM
As we all know, Trump has NO RESPECT for the men and women in our military who gave their lives for our country, and who he calls “suckers and losers” for sacrificing everything for ALL OF US, including HIM.

And as we all know, Trump has no respect for MANY other people, and he ALSO views them as suckers and losers. This includes his FANS.

Let’s look at “suckers and losers” in the context of the Covid Age ... an age that will be prolonged LONGER than it had to be, and MORE livelihoods and MORE lives will be lost than there had to be, because of Trump’s GROSS mismanagement of the Coronavirus.

First, let’s look at some examples where Trump views his fans as SUCKERS:

- At his Covid Age pep rallies:
>He gathers a LARGE number of his fans, he packs them TIGHTLY together, and he convinces them NOT to wear masks.
>And if his fans heard the Wordward tapes, they KNOW that he LIED to them and downplayed the danger of the Coronavirus. And they KNOW that he KNEW that the virus is VERY CONTAGIOUS. And they KNOW that he KNEW that it is a MUCH GREATER threat to our lives than the flu.

- On Covid:
>Trump is claiming that many more American lives would have been lost to the virus if it was not for him, and that the virus is now under control, and that we are now rounding the corner on the virus.
>And if his fans watch REAL news, they KNOW that the VAST MAJORITY of the SCIENTISTS and the MEDICAL EXPERTS say that ALL of these claims are ABSOLUTELY FALSE.

- At his Covid Age pep rallies:
>Trump’s fans WILLINGLY sign an agreement not to sue him, if they get sick with the virus after the rally.
>And they SEE him taking precautions to protect HIMSELF from the virus ... AND to protect himself from THEM.

- It is OBVIOUS to MOST of us, that Trump has NO concern about the welfare of ANY of us, including his fans. His fans KNOW this about him, but they dismiss it. And they believe in him, and they WORSHIP him.

We just looked at Trump’s view of Covid Age SUCKERS. Now let’s look at Covid Age LOSERS:
- If Trump wins the election, we all know who the LOSERS will be ... ALL OF US.
- That INCLUDES his fans, and EVERYONE they come in contact with ... directly AND indirectly.
- And that has the potential to harm MILLIONS of us with the Trump Rally Virus (a new cousin of the Trump Virus).

“The potential to harm MILLIONS of us” reminds me of something. What about this “herd immunity” thing that Trump calls “herd mentality”? Let’s look at that:

- We know that Trump likes the idea of a “herd immunity” strategy to “combat” the virus, despite the fact that MILLIONS of us could die, if that strategy is implemented.

- Trump replaced Tony Fauci with a new Coronavirus adviser, Scott Atlas. Atlas is pushing for the “herd immunity” strategy, while Fauci opposes that strategy. Unlike Fauci, Atlas does NOT have a background in epidemiology, NOR a background in infectious diseases such as the Coronavirus.

- When I see one of Trump’s Covid Age pep rallies, it APPEARS that he is heeding Atlas, and not Fauci. And it APPEARS that Trump is NOW implementing the “herd immunity” strategy.

- If Trump IS implementing that strategy, he would be doing it AGAINST the advice of the VAST MAJORITY of scientists and medical experts.

AND he would be doing it, whether or not WE the American people are willing to be SACRIFICED in order to achieve his herd immunity. (Because he had the virus, he thinks that HE is safe, but the rest of us suckers and losers are on our own.)

And if he is NOT implementing that strategy, his actions will have the SAME EFFECT as if he was implementing it.

- Either way, it appears that Trump is implementing his “I could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue, and not lose any of my fans” w•t dream. But he is doing so on a MUCH LARGER scale. (That should be a W●TTER w•t dream for him.)

And as he predicted, he is NOT losing any of his fans. They STILL worship him ... even though he is ALSO shooting at THEM. (And knowing Trump, he’s probably thinking, WHAT A BUNCH OF SUCKERS AND LOSERS, while he’s LAUGHING at them.)

This is a revised version of an essay entitled “Suckers, Losers, and Herd Immunity” that I posted on several forums. I can see where the original version may have sounded like a personal attack on Trump fans. However, it was meant to be an attack on Trump for his TOTAL lack of concern for the health of the American people, including his fans.

10-26-2020, 01:03 PM
It is not hard to spot the real suckers and losers. Just look for the Biden/Harris yard signs and bumper stickers, the vacant stares and shuffling walks, the drool running down the sides of their mouths. They are the ones who believe a President can wave his hand and snap his fingers and make a virus harmless. They shuffle around with their hands out, hoping to catch a couple of crumbs from their Democrat masters. They eagerly await their daily talking points and marching orders, so they can go out and target religious gatherings attack those who think differently from them. Some of them attack with violence, burning and beating and destroying mindlessly while others just stand back and watch and offer them moral support.

Some go to internet forums and whine or write long, senseless screeds that could be used to fertilize acres and acres of desert.