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10-23-2014, 03:15 PM
One-on-One Debates

A member can call out another user for the purpose of a one-on-one debate. Rules which apply to the rest of the forum also apply to these debates, aside from the call-out portion.

In order to create a debate, please contact a moderator and they can add users so that they are able to post in the "One-on-One Debates" subforum. Everyone else will only have viewing privileges.

If more than one debate is taking place in the "One-on-One Debates" subforum, we expect users with posting privileges to post only in the debate(s) which they are invited to. If you post in a debate you are not invited to, you may face complete loss of privilege to post in that forum which is at the discretion of the moderation team.

Once a one-on-one debate has been idle for two weeks they will be moved to The Opened Debate Room everyone else to participate in, with exceptions upon request.

Again, please contact a moderator if you wish to start a one-on-one debate. If you have questions or concerns please also contact us via private messaging.

10/09/2016 Edit: Update rules to add idle rule.