View Full Version : Forum Change: Open tPF Discussion Rules to All of Forum but Rants, Pub and Hole

12-29-2015, 12:30 PM
For some time now we've had success with the tPF Discussion area. Basically, the OP of a thread is allowed to TB others. The full description can be found here: http://thepoliticalforums.com/threads/49128-tPF-Discussion-Room-Change.

We are opening it up to the entire forum except Rants, Pub and the Hole. That is, the OP of a thread can TB others anywhere on the forum.

The only condition we would put on it is the OP must mark his thread as tPF:

When you post a new thread claim the privilege by selecting tPF as prefix:


Done correctly, you should see the prefix on title:


And the title on the What's new listing:


We will allow for correction if the OP forgets up to the point someone else posts in the thread when we won't change it. So send PM quickly if you forget.

We will exclude Rants, Pub and Hole because the focus of the tPF rule is to promote more serious discussion and those forum areas are what they are.

We will restrict tPF Discussions: no rants, no member Intros, and no One on One debates although these could be moved to tPFD discussion if the two debaters ask when it opens to members. Bad faith use will be moved to Rants.

Basically, please, restrict it's use to its purpose, to promote discussion.

There will be no pre-emptive TBs. And no undoes: Once you TB, you can't unTB, so be careful.

Finally, this is experimental and if it goes badly, it will be undone. If it goes well, we will remove the requirement you claim privilege with the tPF prefix.

tPF Discussion Area will remain open till tomorrow at which time threads there will be moved to appropriate forum areas and marked with tPF prefix.

This announcement is closed, so if you have questions, concerns, whatever, please PM me and I will address in subsequent posts in this announcement.

12-30-2015, 09:23 AM
Glad to see some starting to use this feature. Hopefully it will promote good discussion and reduce the baiting and insulting.

Some complaints emerged yesterday that the tPF OP TB feature would be abused. Sure, it could be, but...

1) It clearly states there can be no pre-emptive TBing. The Mods denied the only request and will not honor such.

2) TBing for no good faith reason will only earn the OP a bad reputation. Members will not want to talk to him or her.

3) If it does get abused, the mods might demand with request to TB a good faith reason for doing so and use our judgment whether to honor or not. Don't bring it to this, please.

01-01-2016, 12:05 PM
I have moved all tPF Discussion Forum threads to other forum areas and that area has been hidden.

If I screwed any of those up, send me PM.

02-03-2016, 01:00 PM
The tPF OP TB rule has proven quite popular inasmuch as 30, sometimes 40% of the What's New? threads are tPF threads.

Three points of clarification about the tPF OP TB rule:

1) If you start a tPF thread then it is expected to seek serious discussion. tPF threads that turn out to be mere baiting will, like other baiting threads, be moved to Rants and the tPF claim removed.

2) If you start a tPF thread you are expected to monitor and maintain it. tPF threads that allow others to bait and insult and disrupt discussion will be moved to Rants and the tPF claim removed.

3) There are some complaints the tPF OP TB rule stifles free expression of opinions and ideas but that cannot possibly be true when members are free to start their own parallel if not tPF threads.