View Full Version : All Members Please Read!!!!!! 2 New rules added

06-29-2018, 11:01 AM
ANNOUNCEMENT: There has been 2 additional rules regarding Forum decorum added to the list of rules, they are as follows.

Any questions about these changes can be addressed to any mod via PM

"13. As implied in the name, PM's (Private Messages) must be kept private. They are not to be shared, quoted or summarized on the public forum. If it is believed that a PM, or series of PMs, is over the line (threats, harassment, name-calling, etc.), the PM should be reported and moderators will decide when or how to act. Questions regarding if a decision has been made may be brought to moderators through PM. Posting PMs on the open forum will lead to infractions."

14. Reports may not always be acted on immediately. There are a limited number of moderators, each with personal lives. If you feel that action was not taken in appropriate amount of time, you may contact a moderator to inquire about the status of the report. Reporting the same post multiple time does not speed decisions. Concerns about this should not be taken to the open forum. Repeated and continuous reporting of frivolous matters is considered bad faith."