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Thread: Which New Gaming Console(s) Is It For Thee?

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    Which New Gaming Console(s) Is It For Thee?

    So new gaming systems have finally arrived! I already have an extensive Switch library. Felt in a contrarian mood (what else is new?) and opted for the Series X first among the two new ones this year. Will be getting a PlayStation 5 too next year though, I just can't afford them both this year.

    Why did I pick Series X over PS5 this year? Well...

    1) it's got better graphical capabilities than PS5,
    2) it's faster than PS5, so far anyway,
    3) it's quieter than PS5,
    4) it's got superior backward compatibility,
    5) it's got Game Pass,
    6) it's smaller than PS5,
    7) it's gonna wind up with more launch window games of interest to me, and...
    8) it's the same price as PS5.

    For clarity on the games part of it...yeah, I'm not really the most conventional in my personal gaming preferences.

    Games I want for the Series X listed in the order that they interest me:
    As Dusk Falls
    The Big Con
    The Artful Escape
    The Medium
    Call of the Sea
    State of Decay 3
    Senua's Saga: Hellblade II
    Psychonauts 2
    Bright Memory Infinite
    Last Stop
    Song of Iron
    Exo One

    Games I want for the PlayStation 5, listed in the order that they interest me:

    Solar Ash
    Goodbye Volcano High
    Where the Heart Is
    Ghostwire: Tokyo
    Jett: The Far Shore
    Kena: Bridge of Spirits
    Oddworld: Soulstorm
    Destruction AllStars
    Horizon Forbidden West

    Yeah, I'll admit it, I generally prefer artsier games to more conventional fare. Anyway, the thing is that games like The Medium, Call of the Sea, and Bright Memory Infinite should all be available realistically within like two or three months and those are higher priorities for me than anything releasing in the same time window for PlayStation 5. You may have noticed the absence of the new Spider-Man game and I think that's the dif between me and your average gamer here really. That's the main reason people cite for picking a PS5 right now, I've noticed, but that type O' game juuuuuuust isn't really my bag, to be perfectly honest.

    I think there's also like maybe a psychological factor going on here. Like Sony had Travis Scott out promoting the PS5 while Microsoft had Snoop Dogg promoting the Series X. ...Ya know, I'm a certain age where I don't really keep up with new music that much. I know who Snoop Dogg is. I don't know who Travis Scott is except that I hear he's a rapper popular with the Gen Z kids today. Likewise, superior backward compatibility is another thing that says to me that Microsoft's target demographic here is older; more like in my age range. I'm biased in these ways. I feel like Microsoft wants me to buy their system and that I'm maybe a slightly lower priority in the first year for Sony. Ya know? Then again, who is the "me" demographic anyway? Like what niche do I fall into for $#@! sakes? *shrugs* Well, it just feels like the Xbox people want my business a little more. That's all I'm saying. It's a factor too.

    Like I said though, I'll get a PS5 too next year anyway.

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    Didn't vote. I only play PC games. Playing Fallout 76 currently, although I'm really just waiting for Avowed.

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