'this government believes itself greater than God". Government doesn't make private morality or religion. Government doesn't listen in on every group in the country. "We're allowed racial Churches" , the Church Presbyterian is allowed their functions how they prefer. "Fear God or Fear Government? " The Governor knows thats headed toward a single amalgamanted mongrel unit of one people under a great Communist Dictator.

What might our Alabama lack from a Saint Petersburg from the time of Medieval Tsars, being told it is a communist Lenin's "Leningrad". We put up the Flag of Puritan Pilgrims and moral peoples of a humble submission to the Church and its here today, and you've got a government since Eisenhower says that its no religion at all, there is no religion, silence, and there isn't a religion. They're shutting down religion, they're the communists. They've got a "great Dream" and they're supporting communism.

No African American is ever leading to suport to the entire Christian peoples, and won't be. There isn't a gallant, valorous, Noble, African Church as advertised uniformly from Russia to Bonnie Scotland, that they've shoved into African Christianity PCUSA with 0% adherents. Farewell to Slavianka!

Wait for the pointless asshats to tell you morality in America? Catholicism, pacifists, Islam, and the indifferent are incompatible with 80% of America, and the English and Scottish Presbyterians and Dutch Reformed and the Puritan Pilgrims, and the Reformation of all Reformed Nations and Woodrow Wilson and a League of Nations. Whats a marriage, you call a Muslim having a marriage, did they want you to say it was one even? Do they have 7 Types of contracts, do they have one? is it your business to recognize?