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Thread: Bioshock Infinite Story Center: Does Elizabeth want to be in Alabama or Paris?

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    Bioshock Infinite Story Center: Does Elizabeth want to be in Alabama or Paris?

    I've been Obsessed with the meaning of the storyline of this game. The original Trailers of Bioshock Infinite are very generic. However, they developed such an interesting American authentic twist. It is always time to touch on Alabama now and then...I make some connections..1. The SongBird is "Listen to the Mockingbird" or from "To Kill a Mockingbird".2. The figure Comstock resembles General Thomas Jackson truly. Considered the religious leadership of the Confederacy, "in the clouds" portrait of General Jackson hangs with Lady Comstock at the Police precinct "Defend our Values" inbetween. Also several earlier locations of that picture. If we notice General Stonewall Jackson's family Anna Jackson making Julia Christian Jackson, the famous family at train station portrait, or the bonnie blue-touch up photos of her child... Clearly continuing a line set to "Sit on the Throne that Drowns in Flame the Mountains of Man", an Undying prophecy of the end of New York until 1983.3.Notice the end of "Bonnie" in "Gone with the Wind". The "Bonnie Blue" color is continued with Lady Comstock. The less obscure references are obviously segregation, the bathrooms, Goofus and Gallant, and others. The Ku Klux Klan , John Wilkes Booth, the "Defender of Nations", the concept of maintained Nationalities, Heritage, from a Scottish line , a "race of Men", said Confederate Generals, a "fiery cross from old Scotland's Hills" says "Birth of a Nation", like Woodrow Wilson. Are we today part of an equal fellowship of the Nations? Is that sympathetic? Are we a mongrel horde of no heritage on rampage?4. Alabama really doesn't back that far off of an "Anglo-Saxon" homeland or the cross of the Independence of Americans being a Nationality not English or Scottish. Notice the "Pilgrims Welcome" signs of Puritan Pilgrims along with the Scottish in Religion at the start. The parade float says they left or seceded "for the more perfect marriage union".About Elizabeth, daughter of Comstock, or if preferred Julia Christian Jackson, daughter of General Jackson...She is introduced as the "lamb of Columbia", notice "Hail Columbia" a very gentle-man that man of Virginia, George Washington , to call attention to great lady , Columbia.We first hear then of Elizabeth, we first are Warned of Elizabeth as a "Dangerous Specimen" "do not speak to", an "experiment", while she wishes to travel to Paris in her angel-tower, and can do so. The Songbird "Guardian" watches over and returns her to her tower on several occasions. She is reading Metaphysics when rudely 'interrupted'. She only leaves with the Player stranger perhaps to see Paris.The Lady Comstock Memorial, aren't loved ones always taken too suddenly, perhaps in war? The entire experience of the Civil Rights today takes a dumbed-down twist as Comstock is seeking a never ending revenge to his lost Lady Comstock, while Daisy Fitzroy leads a red-revolution that sees no alternatives to 'cutting out the weeds'.Elizabeth comments 'i suspect no one's ever heard' "Fortunate Son". She dances wildly to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" first released from the Tower.The ending is confusing as to her drowning the Player who turns out through a rift in time is Both Comstock and her rescuer which drowning both saves the trouble.I find only one highlight from the expansion pack in which she finally does get to experience Paris where we see Stereotypes Again, think of the Mime, with the paintbrush, the beret and a baguette acted out, and there it is, with "La Vie en Rose". The bird is tiny and quite friendly.I do think constantly myself and for Alabamians, how it is we are a community and what is our highlights, and what we have done since that time with our Governors, happy MLK day, and what do you think?

    p.s. Any thoughts on the Chen Lin sequence? What IS the message that Chen Lin runs a weapons factory in Finktown, starts with a Chinese wife who has a Buddhist altar, the player runs through a timewarp, to find he has a white wife with a Comstock Altar? That goes entirely unexplained the rest of the time as a statement. Bioshock Infinite nearly has to be right in with the Presbyterians as I wonder, all the Presbyterians can't be in favor of each other from Korea there's 9 million and a million here or Scotland... The 1st Bioshock Infinite was already themed about the 50's and an independent titan of industry wasn't letting the government have his underwater city innovation. The Presbyterians used to name their Churches by where they've found people or what they called their people, now PCUSA wants no notice of those things , the PCUSA. 90% Korean immigration comes here is Presbyterian and Korean Presbyterian. That literally is the question of the Comstock altar. Stonewall Jackson often cited the Westminster Confession and Shorter Catechism (PC in America).
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