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As Tank Battalions Shut Down, Dozens of Marines Are Joining the Army

More than 450 Marines' careers have been affected by a forcewide redesign that launched last year as the Corps reorganizes to take on new threats, sending hundreds into new career fields, early retirement, or even Army tank units.
Commandant Gen. David Berger issued his first annual update to the forcewide redesign he announced in March 2020. The changes center around making the Marine Corps lighter and more expeditionary to take on new threats from sea and ashore.

Tank battalions, bridging companies and law enforcement units were slashed as part of the plan. Marines in those jobs are being told to find new military occupational specialties, or MOSs; consider another service; or opt to end their careers earlier than planned.

So far, 69 Marines who were assigned to tank battalions have transferred to the Army, said Yvonne Carlock, a spokeswoman for Marine Corps Manpower and Reserve Affairs. Those new soldiers were all enlisted Marines.

Another 259 personnel have made lateral moves into new Marine MOSs, she said. About 60% of tank officers in need of new specialities have chosen to become intelligence, logistics or cyberspace officers, Carlock added. Nearly all the military police officers making lat moves selected intelligence, cyberspace or communications strategy and operations jobs.